10 Ways To Manifest Your Dream Life
10 Ways To Manifest Your Dream Life

10 Ways To Manifest Your Dream Life

Manifestation isn't just wishful thinking. It's about taking charge, setting intentions and making things happen. Certified life coach Mira Tabbara gave us ten practical things you can do to start manifesting your dream life…

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Work Out What You Want

“Take some time to reflect on what your dream life looks like. Consider questions like: What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? Or, if you had unlimited resources, how would you spend your time? Once you have a clear vision, write it down. Visualise every detail of the life – career, relationships, lifestyle, home and activities. The clearer the vision, the easier it becomes to work towards it.”


Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

“Our thoughts significantly influence our reality. It's important to control your thoughts instead of letting them control you. Identify a limiting belief you often have and reframe it into something empowering. For example, change ‘I’m not capable’ to ‘I am capable’. Write down your new, empowering belief and remind yourself of it regularly to help shift your mindset.”


Believe & Act Like It’s Already Yours

“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Picture yourself as your 2.0 version – the ultimate you that you visualised in step 1 above. How does this version of you act? What do you wear? How do you spend your free time? This week, do one thing your 2.0 self would do. Trick your mind into believing you’re already there, and watch opportunities start to appear.”


Shift To A Positive Mindset

“Everything starts in the mind. Believe you can, and you will. When you believe in yourself, you take action, and those actions bring results. Success is a cycle that starts with a positive mindset.”


Take Action

‘Simply wishing for a better life won't make it happen. You need to take practical steps towards your goals. Start with small actions and stay consistent. Consistency is the most crucial factor in achieving success. Begin today and keep moving forward.”


Embrace The Discomfort Of Change

“Change often feels uncomfortable, and it's natural to experience fear when stepping outside your comfort zone. However, growth happens beyond what feels familiar. Trust the process and recognise that feeling uncomfortable is a sign of progress.”


Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway

“Fear of failure often holds people back from trying. Remember, the only real failure is not trying at all. Embrace the journey and take risks, understanding that each step brings you closer to your dream life.”


Trust The Process

“You’re supposed to pursue your dreams, not just achieve them. As you work towards your dream life, unexpected opportunities and challenges will arise. Trust that each twist and turn is guiding you in the right direction.”


Practise Gratitude Daily

“At the end of each day, list three things you’re grateful for – and be specific! Bringing gratitude into your life attracts more good experiences. The more you appreciate, the more you’ll have to appreciate.”


Celebrate Your Wins

“Manifesting your dream life is a journey, not a destination. Celebrate every win, no matter how small. These celebrations boost your confidence and remind you of the progress you’ve made – and that you’re on your way to greatness!”

Mira Tabbara is a certified life coach. For more from her, follow @CoachedByMira.

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