A Guide To IV Drips In Dubai
A Guide To IV Drips In Dubai

A Guide To IV Drips In Dubai

IV drips are becoming a normal part of modern-day wellness and it’s clear why. Able to be tailored to meet any number of health goals – whether that’s boosting mood and immunity, enhancing energy, improving hydration or even aiding in fitness recovery – there really is something for everyone. Here’s what you need to know and some of the best places to book in for a treatment.
By Tamara Jabi

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What is an IV drip and how do infusions work?

Intravenous Therapy (IV) is a medical procedure that involves the administration of fluids, medications or other substances directly into a patient’s vein. This method ensures a controlled and efficient delivery of the desired substances into the patient’s bloodstream, enabling faster absorption and immediate therapeutic effects compared to other methods, such as oral or intramuscular. Tamara Ghazi, Medical Director and Holistic Chiropractor at DISC Group explains: “You have different types of IV drips – from vitamins to regenerative molecules like NAD+ , and then others that are less available in the UAE but emerging in the regenerative field like stem cells and exosomes.” 

How soon do you feel the effects of an IV drip?

Because IV therapy bypasses the digestive system, the effects can be felt almost instantly, making it a convenient option for those needing a quick boost in their vitality and overall wellness. “At DISC, we use the NAD+ infusion that goes directly into the blood stream with instant results,” adds Tamara. “The patient will feel more energised with more mental clarity. NAD+ targets the energy producing part of a cell to help regenerate, hence why it is coined a ‘longevity molecule’ or ‘pro-aging’.”

What can you expect at the appointment? 

The process of infusion, depending on which one chosen, can last between 45 minutes to a couple of hours. “We suggest that you drink and eat sufficiently before the infusion, especially with the NAD+ infusion, as doing this procedure on an empty stomach may cause higher side effects,” says Tamara. Post-treatment, you are free to go about your normal daily activity immediately after an infusion, including driving home and most people can even engage in sports activities. “There are little to no limitations, however, some people may experience heightened senses as the body has been detoxified and cellular activity will be elevated,” says Tamara. 

Who can benefit from an IV drip?

“Generally, a doctor would assess you to understand your individual needs or do a blood test for deficiencies. With regenerative drips, everyone can benefit as we go through life and our bodies undergo the natural aging process due to environmental stressors and exercise,” says Tamara. 

How regularly can you have IV infusions?

“Depending on which substance and the dosage, some IVs are taken monthly, and some are split up as four separate sessions over a one-month duration, then a two to three month break to assess how the individual is feeling energy-wise,” says Tamara. “Blood tests are often prescribed to see how much is absorbed by the body.” 

Are there any downsides to IV infusions?

“Some people may experience temporary side effects like nausea or a cramping sensation, but like any vitamin, the dosage is minimal enough that little to no side effect should be perceived if the body is deficient in the molecule and needs it to be replenished,” says Tamara. 

Where to get a drip in the UAE…



The goal of DISC (Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic) is to provide evidence-based innovative healthcare solutions for musculoskeletal and preventative medicine. Its international team of therapists integrate all treatment approaches in the plan and work closely together to determine what you need. The clinic has several locations in the GCC, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait, and it’s recently introduced the NAD+ IV Drip to its portfolio of services in the Abu Dhabi branch.

Call to book: (04) 561 6870 

Visit Disc-Dubai.Clinic



As an international wellness clinic, The Elixir Clinic offers an extensive selection of therapies which include intravenous, anti-aging, regenerative, holistic, and intramuscular treatments to optimise vitality, slow down the ageing process and improve quality of life. It offers four different types of IV drip therapies in clinic and at home, including IV Vitamin Drip Therapy, IV Laser Therapy, Stem Cell IV Therapy and IV Ozone Therapy. 

Call to book: (04) 338 8026

Visit TheElixirClinic.com 



With three locations in Dubai alone, Skin111 Clinic specialises in bespoke aesthetics and medical services like dermatology, weight loss solutions and general medicine. This award-winning clinic prides itself on being the leading provider of IV Vitamin Drip Therapy, IV Detox Therapy, and IV Glutathione Therapy. To know which therapy is suited best for you, the clinic offers a consultation and analysis testing prior to a treatment. The service is available both in clinic and at home. 

Call to book: (04) 343 7200

Visit Skin111.com 



A fully digital platform, Valeo Health offers at-home testing and health solutions spanning food intolerance tests, complete blood count tests, vaccines, IV drips and so much more. On a mission to become the go-to health platform, it’s striving to make healthcare easy, accessible, and affordable. It offers over ten different types of IV drips, including the IV After Party Drip, IV NAD+ Drip and IV Hair Health Drip. 

Download the app to book here

Visit FeelValeo.com 

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