5 Ice Bath Experiences To Try
5 Ice Bath Experiences To Try

5 Ice Bath Experiences To Try

Exposing your body to sub-zero temperatures is proven to be one of the best ways to improve energy levels, immunity and reduce stress. It’s even believed to improve the lymphatic system and kickstart a sluggish metabolism, so we’ve rounded up five ice bath experiences to try if you’re keen to take the plunge...

The Recovery Lab

Nestled inside of Joint Space at Al Serkal Avenue, The Recovery Lab offers tailor-made treatments that are designed to meet the needs of each client. Its recovery centre has ice baths, cold plunge pools and saunas – plus, Normatec compression therapy increases the amount of oxygenated blood flow to muscles, reducing swelling and promoting tissue repair and regeneration.

Visit Fresha.com


Contrast Wellness

Contrast Wellness promises a wellness experience that seamlessly blends innovation and relaxation, and it’s now open in two Dubai locations at The Palm Jumeirah and City Walk. With a focus on holistic treatments, Contrast Wellness is focused on reviving the mind, body and spirit. It offers more than just ice bath treatments, too – you can also book IV Drips, sauna sessions and more. 

Visit Contrast-Wellness.com


Heal Hub

Heal Hub offers a several services as part of its holistic philosophy that targets physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Its facility has one of the largest ice baths/cold plunge pools in the UAE and it’s outdoors, so clients can enjoy the sunshine while submerged in 8°C temperatures. There’s also physiotherapy, osteopathy and sports massages on offer. 

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Samadhi Wellness

If you are looking for a one-stop destination, then look no further than Samadhi Wellness. This space, in the heart of Jumeirah, not only offers ice baths and saunas in an ultra-zen environment, but clients can also make the most of an outdoor pool, treatment rooms, yoga classes and a café. It also hosts female- and male-only days throughout the week if privacy’s a priority. 

Visit Samadhi-Wellness.com


Longevity Wellness Hub

Longevity Wellness Hub offers three controlled temperature ice baths, with the option to choose between 10°C, 8°C and 5°C. Its team of trained experts will guide you through the entire process, both before, during and after the experience. They’ll demonstrate proven breathing techniques to help you harness the maximum benefits of cold-water immersion and allow your body to go deep into its untapped recovery potential. Although the centre specialises in cold water therapy, it also has saunas, massages and yoga and mobility sessions to choose from.

Visit Longevity-Sports.com

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