A Welcome Note From Our Founder
A Welcome Note From Our Founder

A Welcome Note From Our Founder

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Dear Readers,

It was in January this year, as I was reading more and more about the growth in the region, that I started our journey to launch SheerLuxe in the Middle East. Much like all new ventures at SL, it began with a hunch, curiosity and information gathering.

During my research, I discovered some compelling factors: the population is young, on the rise and ambitious; e-commerce is rapidly evolving post-pandemic; and numerous retailers we collaborate and partner with in the UK, from Reiss to MATCHES, are also making significant strides in the Middle East. Above all, there is an abundance of inspiring individuals, entrepreneurs, home grown brands and exciting businesses in the region. Examining the publishing landscape, it became evident that there is a gap for the authentic SheerLuxe voice in the region also.

After around 30 Zoom meetings, focus groups and several trips to the Middle East, here we are! In the UAE we have a talented fashion and content editor and a dedicated social media assistant, while in the UK we are fortunate to have our senior fashion editor, who previously held the position of editor-in-chief at Grazia ME for seven years, take on the role of managing editor for SheerLuxe Middle East also. They are supported by the UK team, who work tirelessly to bring it all together.

Examining the PUBLISHING LANDSCAPE, it became evident that THERE IS A GAP for the AUTHENTIC SHEERLUXE VOICE in the region.

We launch with a weekly email to our growing database of almost 10,000 subscribers, in addition to existing social media activity on Instagram and TikTok, and broadcasting will soon follow. Recently, our lead videographer and I had the privilege of spending six days shadowing some of the Middle East's leading ladies in the realms of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. All six of these day-in-a-life episodes will be released in the first week of November. I've genuinely developed a deep appreciation for the people and the region, and I cannot wait to share our experiences from those six days with viewers in both the UK and Middle East.

Over the last 16 years – since we launched in February 2007 – we have established ourselves as the leading fashion and lifestyle publisher in the UK and have amassed over half a million email subscribers and over 1.5 million followers on social media. Also in our publishing network is a podcast franchise, a YouTube magazine-style show and a community hub that enables SL readers to share information with their peers. In time, we plan to expand the SL ME offering to mirror this. At the heart of everything we do is the desire to inspire our readers, followers, listeners and viewers to live their best lives.

For now, I hope you enjoy the content. We’d love you to help us spread the word to your friends, family, contacts and colleagues who might also.

Warm wishes,
Georgie Coleridge Cole, Founder & CEO

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