5 Stylish Women Tell Us About Their Eid Plans
5 Stylish Women Tell Us About Their Eid Plans

5 Stylish Women Tell Us About Their Eid Plans

Ramadan is officially underway, which means the Eid celebrations are finally in sight. With that in mind, we decided to catch up with some of the region’s most stylish women to find out what they have planned this year – from spending time with family and friends to special getaways and, of course, new Eid outfits.
By Amrita Singh

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Anum Bashir

Creative consultant, KSA

“This year, I’ll be in Dubai with my husband and children visiting my sister. We really miss living in Dubai near our family, so it’s occasions like Eid when we enjoy coming together. It’s great for my kids to be around their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We spent several years living in Dubai and really enjoyed it. It's probably my favourite city and I hope to return one day. Not only are we celebrating Eid, but we’ll also be putting together an early third birthday party for my daughter. Over the last few years, Eid has become a lot more intimate for us. It’s just about being surrounded by loved ones, eating great food, and if you're lucky, getting some fun presents. My husband and I live such hectic lives that vacations and breaks are really a time to relax. 

“Growing up, Eid was a big deal in our home. The excitement started the night before with the picking up of new outfits, getting henna on our hands, having fresh haircuts, and attending ‘chand raath’ parties – the equivalent to a New Year’s Eve or Christmas Eve party. I remember my mum frantically planning her morning brunch menu for about 70-100 people. It was chaotic but wonderful. My sister and I would enjoy counting our Eidhi (money given out as gifts) at the end of the first day. 

“Work has been hectic this year, so I haven’t had a chance to think about what to wear – but I’d love to support an Arab designer – perhaps an Abadia or Bouguessa. Otherwise, I'll opt for a vintage dress from my closet – I have some stunning vintage Chanel, Kenzo, and Valentino pieces that could be ideal. Our Eid traditions are generally about indulging in good food, giving the kids presents, taking lots of pictures, and poking loving fun at one another. We're quite a chatty and affectionate family, so it's just the togetherness I miss so much.”

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Haya Abdullah

Fashion & content creator, KSA

“I’m hoping Eid will be relaxing this year – I’m planning on taking a little time off from work and go on a trip with friends. I tend to take things slower during Ramadan as it really gets me into a good headspace. I also try to be a little bit healthier. 

“I celebrate Eid with my family and distant relatives – it’s the one day out of the whole year when everyone is in the same place at the same time. We gather and indulge in traditional Saudi food – all of which is home cooked. Though I can’t pinpoint a specific dish I love the most, traditional Saudi food is a favourite. Dressing up for Eid is always something I look forward to and this year, I’m planning on wearing a Victoria Beckham two-piece set with Bottega Veneta earrings and Studio Amelia heels. We don’t have any particular traditions, but I think I can speak for most when I say that a common tradition is taking the time to get together and celebrate.”

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Yara Alnamlah

Entrepreneur, KSA

“To celebrate Eid this year, my family and I will be taking a trip. I’d love a few days off from social media and I’m excited to regroup after a hectic start to the year. I'm very particular when it comes to having a routine during the month of Ramadan, especially when it comes to self-care. I make sure I schedule a Pilates class every two days, my morning and evening skincare routine is sacred, and I also make sure my hair is nourished with regular hair and scalp oiling. 

“The first day of Eid is spent celebrating with my mum’s family and at night we celebrate with my dad’s side. We go to our grandparents for dinner, greeting each other with gifts otherwise known as ‘Eidiyas’. I’m not a fan of cooking, so we usually have a Mediterranean breakfast when we gather after Eid Prayer – we have our breakfast on the floor, which is a very typical Saudi tradition. We also have a traditional lunch consisting of lamb and rice otherwise known as a ‘thabeeha’. I haven't decided what I’m wearing yet, but I will most likely be wearing a simplistic maxi dress – probably one of my Amal Al Mulla dresses paired with Chanel shoes and a timeless Hermès Mini Kelly.”

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Muzi Sufi

Photographer & content creator, UAE

“For this year’s Eid break, I’m headed to Karachi with my husband and children to visit my in-laws. Eid is my favourite holiday and I do my best to get my kids excited about it too by ensuring we have gifts for them on Eid day. Usually, when we celebrate in Dubai, the day is often wonderfully slow, and we simply enjoy being together as a family. This year, being away will be much busier as we’ll be around the whole family. Family gatherings also mean food, and my mother in-law tends to take the reins in terms of the menu. There is nothing like traditional home-cooked food – I’m hoping for biriyani and spiced aloo parathas (stuffed flatbread with potato) this year.

“Dressing up for Eid is one of the most important parts of the day and although I have a few options, I’m hoping to wear this beautiful Rachel Gilbert dress I got from the Farfetch modest edit – it’s such a stunning shade of blue. I also have a hot pink Misha Lakhani kaftan I’d love to wear. It’s a brighter shade than what I’d normally go for but it falls really well and I’m looking forward to pairing either look with the Aquazurra Tequila sandal in silver.

“We don’t really have Eid traditions per se, but my personal ritual is taking a family portrait. Not just an iPhone version but something with my camera that I can print and frame. It’s usually quite hectic because I try to do it in the short amount of time we have between guests leaving and everyone wanting to get into comfy clothes. After Eid, I’m looking forward to coming back to Dubai and having some time to relax.”

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Saira Farhat

Content creator, UAE

“Eid is usually spent with friends, children and lots of food. This year might look a little different, though, as we plan to either have a staycation or go somewhere else.  We haven’t decided exactly where yet, but ideally somewhere with a kids’ club where we can just relax. Growing up, Eid was a time for family. We’d always shop for traditional clothes before the three-day-long celebration, and to this day, we still spend the first day of Eid at home with my family – the kids unwrap their presents, and then we head out with our friends. 

“I typically stress about what to cook, so brainstorming the menu early on helps me decide if I want samosas or pakoras, biryani or pasta. There's usually a long call with my mother to get her guidance. Seviyan (a traditional sweet dish made with vermicelli noodles in sweetened milk) for breakfast is non-negotiable – it’s something my mother would make ready for when my dad and brothers would come back from Eid prayer. I’ve adopted the same tradition. We eat lunch at a restaurant, either Cipriani or Coya because by the end of the month I’m all cooked out. If the consensus is to eat at dinner at home, it’s either pilau or biryani. 

“I’m always on edge if I don’t have all the clothes ready in advance – I can proudly say it’s 50% sorted this year and it’s still only the first week of Ramadan. I would love to wear something traditional this year, so either an abaya or kaftan, perhaps something from Manaal al Hammadi’s Eid capsule collection, paired with The Row’s Cybil mules. The YSL Manhattan bag is the perfect finishing touch.”

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