5 Swimwear Labels We Love For Summer
5 Swimwear Labels We Love For Summer

5 Swimwear Labels We Love For Summer

From chic separates to modest one pieces, we’re happy to report the swimwear market has become far more inclusive and diverse of late. Here are just five labels we’re loving this season…


Hunza G

Hunza G, originally launched in 1984 and revived by Georgiana Huddart, is known for its signature crinkle-stretch fabric and unique one-size-fits-all approach, which ensures a comfortable and flattering fit for a wide range of body types. Celebrated for its vibrant colours and contemporary details, Hunza G combines fashion-forward aesthetics with practicality. Plus, the brand emphasises sustainability by using high-quality, durable materials. 

Visit HunzaG.com



Eres is known for its minimalist swimsuits and beachwear – it’s all about clean lines, luxurious fabrics and timeless appeal. Using high-quality materials to ensure the perfect fit, the pieces are both functional and stylish. Recently, the brand also opened a new store in Dubai Mall, officially bringing the brand's quintessentially French and elegant aesthetic to the Middle East.

Visit EresParis.com


Inspired by the decadence of the 1980s, Oceanus creates statement swimwear that takes a fashion-forward approach. Founded by Hannah Attalah, Oceanus’s designs aim to enhance body confidence, and the pieces are made using recycled, eco-friendly materials. Lots are also embellished with hand-embroidered Swarovski crystals to marry functional swimwear with evening glamour.

Visit OceanusTheLabel.com




Founded by Ludmilla Laradi in 2021, Suncillo is a Dubai-based swimwear and resort wear brand inspired by Ibiza. The brand combines luxury fabric compositions with vibrant colours and unique cuts, ensuring each piece is both comfortable and luxe. The perfect balance of comfort and style.

Visit Suncillo.com



Established in 2018 by two women who had a shared passion for stylish, high-quality, full-coverage swimwear, Lanuuk's collections balance elegance, modesty and practicality. With refined cuts and classic colour combinations on offer, everything is intended to suit a variety of body types and there are modest options, as well as full sun protection pieces, to choose from. 

Visit Lanuuk.com

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