Brand Spotlight: Noon By Noor
Brand Spotlight: Noon By Noor

Brand Spotlight: Noon By Noor

Founded by cousins Shaikha Noor Rashid Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Mohamed Al Khalifa in 2008, Noon by Noor is the Bahrain-based label synonymous with creative design and elevated tailoring. Presenting their collection at New York Fashion Week and more recently, at London Fashion Week, the duo’s approach to design is ultimately inspired by their heritage, surroundings and life experiences, which is why we wanted to talk to them about inspiration, personal style and more…

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The Story & Inspiration

Shaikha Noor: I grew up in an artistic household with my father Shaikh Rashid Al Khalifa, who is a renowned Bahraini artist, and my mother, who has always had an impeccable sense of style. Growing up, I learned so much from them and they’ve undoubtedly played a role in shaping my love for fashion. I think our desire to launch our own label stemmed from the need to express our creative vision, which originates from Bahrain but speaks to a global customer. It's about embracing masculine codes without losing sight of our femininity – artfully weaving traditional craftsmanship into modern designs. It’s a real reflection of east meets west.

Shaikha Haya: We’re heavily inspired by our surroundings – specially art, architecture and nature, as well as our cultural experiences, travels and our personal lives. It all goes into the work.


Shaikha Haya: Our brand DNA is inspired by our stories, and as our lives evolve and change, Noon By Noor progresses too. Anything is possible – from neutrals to an explosion of colours, from long shirts to lace, from no make-up to vivid pink lipstick – however, nothing happens just because anyone else is doing it or because we think it will work or appeal to anyone, especially in such a saturated market. We look within ourselves for new ideas each season, but only those consistent with Noon By Noor values. Our culture also plays a big part in the label, and it comes through in the brand DNA. Our home country, Bahrain, will always serve as the backbone of the business – in many ways, be it nature, history or tradition. It’s just about finding a way to translate that so it has timeless appeal.

The Personal Touch

Shaikha Noor: When it comes to our own style, I’d say I have a great appreciation for tailored pieces and clean silhouettes. I love wearing something simple with statement jewellery, shoes or a fun bag.

Shaikha Haya: I like to vary my style according to my mood, but in general I think I value ease and comfort the most. That said, I always want to look chic and put together.

The Woman

Shaikha Haya: The Noon By Noor woman makes her own rules. Like the brand, she is multifaceted, discreet, private but desirable. Stripped of the superfluous, the look is clean, sharp and always right.

Shaikha Noor: We’ve been so fortunate to see our designs worn by many A-listers in editorials, street style shots and headline events. But it’s equally rewarding when we see our designs on a beautiful woman when we’re least expecting it. It’s so special.

The Collection

Shaikha Noor: For AW23, we started with images by the French Illustrator Francois Berthoud and his book Facsimile. First commissioned by Anna Piaggi for Vanity Fair, his work also appeared in Vogue, Numero and Interview. The beautiful high-impact imagery blends art, fashion and communication using tones of black, grey, and browns – so this was the starting point. Sometimes we’re so busy looking outward we forget to look inward so this season, we also looked at the things that surrounded us growing up. Along with the mix of fabrics and structures within the current collection, we were drawn to the elongated shadows in the photographs created under the Bahraini sunshine. So, we began to create a silhouette that was long, lean and chic.

The Work

Shaikha Noor: There are lots of late nights and hard work that go into Fashion Week presentations. There are no shortcuts, either. Each Fashion Week holds a special place in our hearts, but we really loved presenting our most recent SS24 collection in London. 

Shaikha Haya: Our catwalk film was a local production in partnership with an incredible international team of more than 50 creatives and talents. We showed it on big screens in central London. The process from design concept to presentation was, as we’ve already talked about, the very epitome of east meets west.

The Bestsellers

Shaikha Noor: It's so difficult to play favourites, especially as we pour our hearts into all of our designs and are very mindful of every step of the process to make sure there’s a time and place to wear each of the pieces.

Shaikha Haya: I agree that our bestselling pieces vary each season, but one that stands out right now is our signature Juno dress. The true beauty of a bestseller lies in its ability to tell a story – when a woman can connect to it, that’s when she can express her individuality by wearing it.

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