Nojoud Alrumaihi’s Style Rules
Nojoud Alrumaihi’s Style Rules

Nojoud Alrumaihi’s Style Rules

Nojoud Alrumaihi is one of the most glamorous women on our feeds right now. From her Old Hollywood occasionwear to her chic everyday looks, she brings an artistic approach to fashion that we all want to emulate – which is why we asked her for her style rules…

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Take stock of your wardrobe. Go through your closet, clean it out then try on some outfits. Treat this as practice – and the more practice you have, the easier it will be to know how to dress and put things together easily. Then you can find the holes in your wardrobe and work out what kind of pieces are worth spending a bit more money on.

Invest in your accessories. For me, bags are worth the money. They are pieces that you wear not only multiple times but for multiple years. That means it’s important you are investing in the right piece. I wouldn’t go and spend a lot of money on a bag that is trendy. I’d buy a bag that is for me, and for me to pass along for generations to come. My Kelly 28 is my favourite. It fits everything, it's chic and classic. I have it in black and the gold colour – so wearable for me. I wear them carefully, and take good care of them. They are my babies, I even put them to bed! 

Before a big purchase, think about all THE OPPORTUNITIES you will have to wear it, not just ONE CICRUMSTANCE.

Be careful with spur-of-the-moment purchases. Sometimes I buy things out of emotion. For example, I bought a dress with a vision in mind to wear it on a trip to Italy. And then that trip never happened, and the dress was never worn. It was a big purchase and I thought it was going to be fantastic, but it turns out to be not really useful in my closet. Before a big purchase, think about all the opportunities you will have to wear it, not just one circumstance.  

Pick your moments. Paris Fashion Week is coming up, and this is where I always take my most outgoing pieces – things that you would literally only wear in fashion week. I go all out. But I do wear them again, just teamed with denim or something a bit softer. I’m most looking forward to wearing my leather Bottega dress. I bought it from Harrods a few months ago, and have been saving it for a special occasion. 


Take inspiration from the greats. Audrey Hepburn is it for me. Every single thing she wore, she wore it with so much character – she really wears her outfits. I would've done really well in the 50s because I love the structures and the silhouettes – it was chic on another level. I still like to embody that. For a modern-day icon, I love Zendaya. From her Disney days to a grown woman who is very confident in her own style, her fashion evolution has been wonderful to watch. 

You can’t go wrong with YSL. For occasionwear, simple and classic is the way to go. Its pieces are versatile, too – you can dress them up and down easily. For a Middle Eastern name to know, I love Youssef Akbar. He’s more couture – his work is so distinctive. If you see one of his pieces, you just know it’s Youssef Akbar. 


Get comfortable in your clothes. Wear your clothes; don’t let them wear you. You can be wearing the most beautiful couture pieces in the world, but if you aren’t comfortable in them, then they’re not for you. Pick pieces that fill you with genuine confidence. You have to enjoy the garments that you are wearing to begin with, then you can always throw in a fun ‘wildcard’ element – whether it’s an earring or necklace, or a pair of fun shoes. You can also always elevate your neutrals and classic pieces with a really cool bag.

Find your palette. I gravitate towards peach and red. Warm colours are generally much more suitable to my skin tone. To keep things chic, try colour-blocking cohesive colours or complete contrasts. I’m really loving peach and blue at the moment. Imagine you are painting a canvas when you are putting together your colours. Because, honestly, there are no strict rules when it comes to colour. Fashion is an art, so feel free to experiment. 

Incorporate a focal point into every outfit. For me, I can’t live without my earrings, I feel bare without them. My studs are something I can wear everywhere, anywhere and anytime. They are the finishing touch to every outfit, my ear candy. Maria Tash is my go-to for my piercings. 


Keep your eye on the catwalk. I love Gucci’s latest collection – and its whole new direction, to be honest. There’s a red fringe skirt which I saw on the runway. I was like, ‘I need to see this piece up close.’ I’ll be first up to see it in stores. 

Vintage and archival pieces are just so beautiful and chic. I have a piece from my grandmother. I don’t really wear it as I’m so scared I’ll ruin it, but it means so much to me. The detailing, the finishing, the structure – you just don’t see pieces like that anymore, unless it's couture. But this was a ready-to-wear piece. I love that brands are trying to emulate this vibe now.

TAKE INSPIRATION FROM THE GREATS. Audrey Hepburn is it for me. Every single thing she wore, she wore it with SO MUCH CHARACTER – she really wears her outfits.

Get your basics right. Denim is timeless – a good pair of jeans that you feel comfortable in are worth their weight in gold. For basics, I would say a white tank top, a black tank top, a fitted shirt, black pants and white pants are essentials. These are your base, then build on that.

Quiet luxury is the way to go. I don’t like logos, or anything too out there. It's good to keep things timeless and classic – I think this is the highest form of sustainability.

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