My Style Dos & Don’ts: Sally Matthews
My Style Dos & Don’ts: Sally Matthews

My Style Dos & Don’ts: Sally Matthews

As a luxury brand consultant, Sally Matthews gets to see the very best that the fashion world has to offer. Known for mastering that polished-effortless and high-low mix, we asked her to share her main style dos and don’ts…


DO Have A Style Uniform

With a child in tow, I don’t have time to put outfits together like I used to – so I need to have things on hand that I know work. For me, it’s always about great staples that go together in different ways. They’re classics for a reason – a great pair of jeans like Tove's Sofie jean, an oversized blazer (either by Totême or Bouguessa) and a good coat. I tend to finish with some gold necklaces – I love Otiumberg, Alighieri and Chanel – and a great pair of boots from Prada or Totême.

DO You

If I find a cut of jeans I love, I tend to buy them in a couple of colours. The great thing about getting older is knowing yourself. I know my body now, what works for me and what is appreciated by someone else. If I stay true to my own style when it comes to colour, fit and shape, it ultimately means I buy less and wear more.

DO Go Oversized

Going oversized will help your outfits feel more interesting and allows for more versatility through styling to shape the proportions. For example, a great oversized shirt can be worn loose over a slip skirt, while tucking it into a pair of jeans will give it a more fitted feel. I like H&M's Oxford shirts, which I usually buy a couple of sizes bigger.


DO Prioritise Comfort

Juggling a little one and work means anything that isn’t easy to wear and doesn’t make me feel good won’t get worn. The last thing you need is to be obsessing over a hemline or something being too restrictive when your focus needs to be somewhere else. My typical go-to look is a shirt, jeans or a loose trouser, sharpened up with a tailored masculine coat – I love Wardrobe NYC.

DO Follow Your Mood

It’s always tempting to follow what’s happening on social media but the easiest way to feel like yourself is to follow your mood. I tend not to plan outfits, as I don’t know how I will feel at that moment. Even if I have the perfect look, I might not feel confident in it when the day comes – and end up opting for something else.

DO Find Fresh Inspiration

There are some eras and icons I never tire of and still reference when I am getting dressed. I love the off-duty 90s supermodel era, the 70s for Stevie Nicks, Anjelica Houston, Bianca Jagger, and today I’m inspired today by Miuccia Prada, the Olsens, and Zoe Kravitz. I also like to look at women with similar proportions to me or who have similar taste to get inspired.


DON´T Buy Quick Fixes

There's always a temptation to give into what’s flooding my Instagram, and yet I find these are always the pieces that get given away first. It’s better to look at what you have, and how you can put it together differently to make it more relevant. Failing that, look at some of the sites where you can borrow or hire rather than fully buying into the trend for one season.

DON’T Save Anything For Best

Life is too short and your style will naturally evolve, so don’t let your clothes get left behind or miss the moment. The right accessories can make most items work for any occasion. For example, a comfy pair of New Balance trainers can pare back a tux suit or slip dress, while a well-loved leather jacket will do the same thing.

DON’T Feel Too ‘Done’

I always need to feel like me, and that usually means incorporating something a little unexpected. If it's a dress for evening, I will team this with a chunky flat – I love Chanel or Birkenstock sandals – or a jumper tied around my waist from Arch4 or Cos. If I’m wearing a sharp suit with a pair of heels, I will leave the make-up and hair undone and layer up a bunch of vintage-looking jewellery.

DON’T Go It Alone

I still have a couple of friends I touch base with whose style and opinion I trust. Fashion still excites me and I love to explore new things, however a quick check-in before an important event or when you’re in a postpartum fog can really help.

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