Everything Sandra Mansour Is Loving Right Now
Everything Sandra Mansour Is Loving Right Now

Everything Sandra Mansour Is Loving Right Now

Lebanese designer Sandra Mansour is known for marrying elegance with modern romanticism. But her discerning eye doesn't end there – she's just as clued up when it comes to beauty, food and music. With that in mind, here's everything she's loving right now...

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The Row is a brand I always turn to for wardrobe staples. Their pieces are minimalist yet luxurious and make for such good, timeless essentials. 

When I don’t know what to wear, my fail-safe is a pair of jeans dressed up with classic pumps and statement earrings. Otherwise for evening wear, I’m seldom seen in anything other than my own label, Sandra Mansour.

This season, the brand I’ve been loving is Maison Alaïa - the designs are just incredible. I also enjoyed Schiaparelli’s show at couture week in July 2023 – the collection was a true celebration of elegance. 

Cecilie Bahnsen is another brand I feel everyone should know about. She’s best known for her hyperfeminine, voluminous yet somehow still minimalist creations.

Le Marais in Paris is one of my favourite places to shop – it’s a real treasure trove of unique boutiques. When I’m not in Paris, I love to shop at NET-A-PORTER. For me, the edit is perfect.

A breezy abaya is one of my go-to looks – especially when temperatures are high. By the pool, you’ll likely find me in Hunza G swimwear. 

In the winter, I'm drawn to deep, moody colour palettes and this season, I’m gravitating towards a cosy and elegant combination of separates. I have a soft spot for brands that merge traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, such as The Elder Statesman. That being said, I’m on the look out for a statement coat that can elevate any outfit.

In the winter, I'm drawn to DEEP, MOODY COLOUR PALETTES and this season, I’m gravitating towards a COSY AND ELEGANT combination of separates.

Sandra Mansour


Lately, my skincare essential has been a lightweight tinted moisturiser by Tata Harper, and a recent beauty discovery I am loving is Dr Sturm’s Beauty Highlighter as it gives such a radiant glow. 

For a balanced and effortless look, a beauty trend I’ve started adopting is monochromatic make-up, which involves using the same colour is used on the eyes, cheeks and lips. I highly recommend you follow Isamaya Ffrench for beauty inspiration. 

My DREAM HOLIDAY would be a SERENE RETREAT in Bali where I’d like to stay in a BUNGALOW ON THE WATER



In terms of fashion inspo, I’ve loved following María Bernad. I love how experimental she is with her style. Remy Renzullo is someone I look to more for homes and interiors inspiration.

My ‘guilty pleasure’ account to follow is @CestMeilleurQuandCestBon – it’s a French page full of restaurant, food and recipe videos. For a bit of wanderlust, it doesn’t get better than @Beittrad which is a stunning location in Lebanon. 

Bettina Looney is the ultimate glamour girl. I love seeing her in my designs. She's a favourite IG follow of mine. 


Spotify is the app I COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT – music FUELS ME me and my CREATIVITY.


I’ve booked a trip to St. Moritz this year that I’m really looking forward to. But my dream holiday would be a serene retreat in Bali where I’d like to stay in a bungalow on the water. 

My city Beirut is my ultimate staycation – I love exploring the hidden gems and discovering its beauty.


Spotify is the app I couldn’t live without – music fuels me and my creativity and I love the Italo Disco playlist as it sets a good mood and ambience. I’ve also been enjoying the Sardé After Dinner podcast, based out of Beirut and hosted by Medea Azouri and Mouin Jaber. I binge watched White Lotus and recently also watched the French movie Itinéraire D'un Enfant Gaté, which I loved.

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