A Cool Influencer Shares Everything She’s Loving
A Cool Influencer Shares Everything She’s Loving

A Cool Influencer Shares Everything She’s Loving

Photographer and content creator Muzi Sufi has a signature aesthetic that stands out from the crowd. From her favourite under-the-radar names to her latest purchases, here’s everything she’s loving across fashion and food right now…

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A label I’m loving right now is Bottega Veneta. I like the subtlety and no-logo. I recently bought a large Hop bag in stunning dark chocolate – it carries every outfit so well. I also have my eyes on the mirrored Sardine style in gold.

For the last few seasons, my favourite shows have been the Saint Laurent ones. I have been crushing so hard on the safari jackets and pilot aesthetic for SS24. The collection is subtle and feminine, with no bags so the clothing is the main focus. I love the loose silhouettes cinched in at the waist. Every look was served with the Saint Laurent pumps of every girl’s dream. So good.

I’m obsessed with The Mannei. I have a few blazers from this under-the-radar label and I don’t think I’ve lusted after so many pieces from the same brand in a long time. Everything is so statement, but also relaxed enough to wear every day. That’s hard to achieve. I recently got a green leather blazer and it’s absolutely everything. Thank god for the air conditioning in Dubai – I will be able to wear it for at least a few more months!

When I don't know what to wear, you’ll always find me in a BLACK BLAZER, DENIM and a WHITE or BLACK T-SHIRT.

I don’t really follow trends because I try to invest in pieces that will last me many years. However, this year I do want to add some colour to my wardrobe – without straying too far from my personal style, which is generally on the neutral side. 

A lot of my most worn everyday pieces are by Toteme. The trousers and denim are exceptionally well tailored, and I own a lot of pieces from its signature collection. I also love Wardrobe NYC. The cropped long-sleeve t-shirts and zip leggings are always on rotation in my everyday looks. I’m on the waitlist for the sheer black bodysuit – it’s the perfect basic and also the perfect amount of sheer.

Anna Quan is another favourite for light blazers and relaxed suiting. I think quality is the most important thing for wardrobe staples. You wear them all the time, so you don’t want anything that will look washed out or lose its shape after only a few of wears.


When I don’t know what to wear, you’ll always find me in a black blazer, denim and a white or black t-shirt. It’s a look that’s really stood the test of time for me. When you learn that an outfit works over and over again, you don’t mind investing in many versions of the same look. I wear this look once or twice a week without fail. I own many versions of the black blazer – loose fit, cinched waist, cropped, padded shoulder, belted, and so on. There are so many different versions that can really keep making this sort of look stand out. 

I’m mainly an online shopper, but in Dubai I love Harvey Nichols. I love Selfridges and Harrods in London and pretty much everywhere in Paris. My favourite place to shop online varies, but I enjoy NET-A-PORTER, MATCHES and FARFETCH. This open-back dress by Rohe is currently in my NET shopping cart.

For evening attire, I count on Magda Butrym and Christopher Esber. They have the prettiest silhouettes that really flatter a woman’s body. I also love Rabanne – you can spot a piece from miles away because of the way it catches the light and stands out. Mach & Mach’s ready-to-wear line is also so fun, and does a great job with the hearts and rhinestone details.


Come summer in Dubai, the outfit combo I live in is not what you might think. It is so hot outdoors but freezing indoors, so I like some sort of stretch maxi skirt with a light blazer or button-down shirt on top. A white cotton poplin tucked into some wide-legged trousers is a go-to.

My holiday looks depend on the destination but something I throw in regardless of where I’m going is a long slip dress. It’s a versatile piece that can be worn alone, with a bomber jacket, with a cardigan or even with a cropped tee to give a skirt look. I think a fun colour works really well with the silk and allows you to tone it or up or down with accessories. Joseph has some of the best ones, as well as All Saints.

My favourite Middle Eastern labels include Bouguessa. It’s very much my style and everything from the brand is so classic. I also love Yassmin Saleh – I’m obsessed with the tattoo dresses and I want to own all the skirts.



My heatwave beauty essential is Benefit’s Porefessional Super Setter spray. In Dubai’s heat, you need setting spray if you’re wearing make-up.

I love Tata Harper skincare. I’ve been using the Superkind Fortifying Moisturiser for almost two years now, and it is honestly too good.

I spent years ignoring the importance of a toner because I’m not a ten-step skincare girl, but it is an absolute game changer. I use the one by Vichy morning and night after cleansing, and it really helps keep the skin extra clean.


I have a super small baby, so I haven’t made any travel plans for 2024 yet. I’m hoping to go to Boston for my brother’s graduation in May. 

This year, I’d love to go to Zanzibar or the Maldives – something chill and beachy with the kids.

My favourite city in the Middle East is always Dubai. It’s the safest place and it’s one of those cities that allows you meet people from all over the world. It allows you to find your niche and achieve anything.


My go-to breakfast is brown toast with butter and chopped up brie. I also love making a chia granola with fruit if I have a bit more time – always accompanied by a few glasses of water and an oat milk cappuccino.

The snack I’ve been loving lately is salted caramel popcorn, as well as bone broth from The Broth Lab. I alternate between beef broth and chicken broth – it’s so nutritious with a healthy dose of protein. I like sipping it at around 4pm rather than replacing meals with it.

My favourite dinner to cook is spaghetti aglio e olio. It’s my comfort food, I love the simple ingredients and it’s so quick to make – it’s just  great quality olive oil, parmesan, salt, garlic and chilli flakes. I also love having baked cauliflower florets with sweet potato cubes and wrapping them up in a pita wrap with salsa, kidney beans and lettuce.

If I’m entertaining, my dinner party go-tos tend to consist of getting nice falafel and grilled meat platters, accompanied by Lebanese starters and salads. I order from a few places, but Barbar or Allo Beirut are my favourites.

Dubai has such a great food scene. My favourite restaurant in Dubai is Gohan. It’s a Japanese speakeasy hidden inside La Cantine du Faubourg and it’s so good. I also love Mythos, a Greek restaurant with really amazing food. Il Burro Tuscan Bistro is so good too. If we order in, it’s almost always from Cali Poke. I always order the ‘True Californian’ crunchy garlic and mild spicy soya bowl.




For fashion inspiration, I love following @EndlesslyLoveClub. I love how effortless her content looks when put together. This is the best way to inspire fashion without it feeling too commercial.

For interiors and home inspo, follow @PernilleTeisbaek. Her home is so beautiful and so is she.

My ‘guilty pleasure’ follow is @HeartthrobAnderson. He is hilarious. He reviews 90s films and shows, some of which I grew up watching, and it’s always so funny to see him expose the plot lines as so ridiculous.

For a bit of wanderlust, it doesn’t get better than @Aman. Just stunning. 

When I’m in need of a little glamour, I follow @NadiaLeeCohen. She’s absolutely unreal and just so creative. She does fashion glamour with an almost theatrical approach.

A Middle Eastern influencer with a style I love is @Fayezzat. She does oversized so phenomenally, even though that’s not usually my go-to look. It’s always so effective.



The app I couldn’t live without is WhatsApp. Can’t live without my family group chat!

An exhibition I’ve seen recently is the Chanel Fashion Manifesto at the V&A in London.

I recently binged True Detective. Season 1 is one of the greatest seasons of all time, and I’ve started watching season 4 now.

The last film I enjoyed was Planet of the Apes – I’ve rewatched it recently as there is a new one coming out soon.

My favourite playlist consists of electronic and deep house. I’ve been very into Fred Again all of last year. I also love classical music – it was such a dream to see Ludovico Einaudi last year at the Dubai Opera.

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