/ 9 Aug 2018

Working With Your Partner, Students Using Sex To Pay For Uni, Can You Be Taught Charisma?

As always the team reveal which TV got them talking and the podcasts they’ve added to their downloads this week. Plus, with holiday season in full swing and Rosy’s recent Ibiza trip, the team discuss how they can have more confidence on the beach.

Relationships are up for discussion too – would you be willing to work with your other half? Plus, the group talk polygamy – could that be the secret to a happy, healthy relationship for some?

Charisma is up for debate and whether or not you can learn it. Plus, the team offer a weekly fashion fix with tips for dressing for petite women and the PJ brands they rate when they’re relaxing at home. 


How To Feel Better On The Beach  http://bit.ly/2LHmoLg

Amber Venz Box On Working With Her Partner http://bit.ly/2vcGEgP

8 Things Polyamorous People Want You To Know http://bit.ly/2Lhaiwc

Students Are Using Their Bodies To Cover University Fees http://bit.ly/2JQutLH

Why We Need To Stop Saying ‘Walk Of Shame’ http://bit.ly/2M63WQM

Can You Learn The Art Of Charisma? http://bit.ly/2nnLO6g

Tips For Petite Dressing http://bit.ly/2OSCGTu

The Pyjama Brands You Need To Know http://bit.ly/2AUpvyB

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