/ 14 Apr 2023

THE LUXEGIRL PODCAST: You won’t believe what our horoscopes have in store for us…

The Group Chat is back! This week, Daisy & Sapna are joined by Milly Hobbs & Juti Kongaunruan. Together, the four discuss the products they’re loving right now, the new Lewis Capaldi documentary, the future of AI in the fashion world, the brands that are nailing TikTok & their favourite coffee spots in London. Finally, the four discuss their April horoscopes and what they should expect this month – it’s not one to miss…

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What We’re Loving:


Mob Kitchen Recipe | https://bit.ly/3mzLAuW 

Flush Balm, Merit Beauty | https://bit.ly/3UDLkYm 

Waistcoat, Mango | https://bit.ly/3zZS2P2 


Recipe | https://bit.ly/3L0xdsU 

Podcast, Dua Lipa At Your Service | https://bit.ly/41vuBJ8 


Nagare Coffee (Spitalfields) @nagarecoffee | https://bit.ly/3o7YvV7 

Statement Jewellery: Emma Pills, Zara, H&M & Mango

Adidas Gazelles | https://bit.ly/3zXbVWC 

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