/ 19 Feb 2023

THE LUXEGIRL PODCAST: The danger of sending nude photos, Kim Kardashian’s favourite burger & our dream concert line up…

The Group Chat is back! This week, Daisy & Sapna are joined by Milly Hobbs & Juti Kongauraun

to discuss what they’ve been up to recently, the new reality show they’re loving & their recent social saves – plus, the four answer your quick-fire questions. Then, Daisy is joined by special guest Roxy Longworth, co-author of the book When You Lose It, which documents her experience of being coerced, then blackmailed, into sending explicit photos at the age of 13 – which were then spread around her school…

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Cheesy Hot Cross Buns, Ocado | https://bit.ly/3I8ekle


Lauren Pilates | https://bit.ly/3ItwmzC


Claw Clip, Boots | https://tidd.ly/3YI4Y6U

Claw Clips, Amazon | https://bit.ly/3jYliBl

AD | Summer House, Hayu | https://bit.ly/413HL0g

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Celebrity Memoir Bookclub, Podcast | http://bit.ly/3xtMgUw

Interview With Roxy Longworth:

Roxy’s book, When You Lose It | https://bit.ly/3Iwa7JC

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