/ 17 Mar 2023

THE LUXEGIRL PODCAST: M&S taste test, that Call Her Daddy interview & our new high-street outfits

The Group Chat is back! This week, Daisy & Sapna are joined by Bea Beckett & Kate Pryor. Together, the four discuss the products they’re loving right now, the TV they're obsessed with & the Cole Sprouse Call Her Daddy interview. Finally, from truffle crisps to caramel filled Easter eggs, they put some of the most-hyped M&S snacks to the (taste) test….

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What We’re Loving:


Tilda Sticky Rice, Sainsbury’s | https://bit.ly/3JGMQ8d


Breakout Clearing Peel, Dermalogica | https://tidd.ly/3JHN0MH 

The Psychology Of Your 20s, Podcast | http://bit.ly/42gUVHM 


Hoodie, Worst Behaviour | http://bit.ly/3YOTk9i 

Peggy Gou Merch, Peggy Goods | https://bit.ly/3Tk11TV 


UV LED Nail Lamp, Amazon | https://bit.ly/3JkDKfP 

Mylee Gel Nail Polish | https://bit.ly/3Jjuhpl 

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