/ 5 Mar 2023

THE LUXEGIRL PODCAST: 5 prods we’re OBSESSED with, Hailey & Selena drama & is Burberry cool again?

The Group Chat is back! This week, Daisy & Sapna are joined by Hattie Cotmore & founder of fashion rental platform Rotaro, Georgie Hyatt. The four discuss the products they’re loving right now, Milan Fashion Week, TV recommendations & how Georgie founded Rotaro. Then, Sapna is joined by special guest Lou Northcote, a model & activist who started the #FreeThePimple Movement to share her journey with acne, embrace her natural skin & empower others to do the same. Finally, the four play a game of For & Against – this week it’s a Fashion special…

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What We’re Loving:


Perfume, Zara |  https://tidd.ly/3YdqUWp 

Frozen Butter | https://bit.ly/3J7Z6OP 


Olaplex No. 3 | https://tidd.ly/41VcRIb 


Tony’s Chocoloney Easter Eggs | http://bit.ly/3YhpR7B 

New Balance 550 | http://bit.ly/3IPyK2v 


Jerms Gut Support | http://bit.ly/3ZzHh0q 

Interview With Lou Northcote: 

@lounorthcote | https://bit.ly/3ZFsy3U 

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