/ 4 Oct 2018

The Downsides Of Sexting, Healthy Eating For Less & Cleaning Gurus

First up, light entertainment is on the agenda as the team recommend the books, TV shows and films they’ve been enjoying this week. The team also discuss the strange new Instagram phenomenon in which cleaning gurus are garnering thousands of dedicated followers, before the conversation takes a more serious turn as they share how often they cry and whether they feel the benefits. Plus the team get real about their experiences with birth control and chat about how to eat well on a budget, the pros and cons of sexting, and the latest SL series, The Wedding Diaries.

Articles Discussed:

Teens Are Swapping Real Sex Sexting

Why Our Cleaning Gurus Are New Influencers

How Crying Could Actually Make You Happier

9 Ways To Relieve Stress

How To Eat Healthily When Junk Food Is So Much Cheaper

Flight Hacks Will Actually Save You Money

Signs Your Birth Control Pill Isn't Right For You

Redeem Your Free Waldo Lenses

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