/ 6 Aug 2018

SheerLuxe Success Stories: Cassandra Stavrou, Founder Of Propercorn

Leaving a graduate job in advertising to work in a pub and live with your mother doesn’t sound like an obvious start for success, but that’s exactly what Cassandra Stavrou, Co-Founder of Propercorn did. Spotting a gap in the market for healthy-yet-tasty popcorn, Stavrou launched her business in 2011; a brand now synonymous with exotic flavours and standout packaging – with a team of 40, a business turning over £13m a year and sales of popcorn at 3m bags a month. Listen now to discover what led Stavrou to create the ingenious snack, how she saved the money to make her dream a reality, the secrets behind Propercorn's unique flavour combinations and the ways she ensures the business stays ahead in such a competitive marketplace – including what's coming up next for the foodie-favourite brand.

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