/ 10 Jul 2018

SheerLuxe Success Stories: Annoushka Ducas

It’s not often a business mind comes along and creates a brand with such style, customer loyalty and originally, but to do it twice, is nothing short of a success story. Annoushka Ducas has done just that. Launching Links of London with her husband John in 1990 – which became one of the most popular jewellery brands of the nineties and noughties - she sold the company and went on to launch her eponymous label Annoushka.

Surprisingly Annoushka fell into jewellery design when helping her mother source gifts for 60 chefs. Inspired to turn pictures of fish into cufflinks. Twenty-five years later and her designs are now worn by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and the Duchess of Cambridge,

From selling a multi-million pound company to a new business in a digital age and being awarded an MBE, here’s Annoushka Ducas’ Success Story.

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