/ 21 Feb 2019

Relationship Between Mums & Sons, Managing Bills, Do Aphrodisiacs Really Work?

Exhausted your Netflix and Amazon Prime repertoire? The SL team offer up their top recommendations of the week, from new and shocking true crime to some old favourites. They also share their tips on saving and managing bills, plus, in light of last week's Valentine's Day Pascale reports back on what it was like eating all the aphrodisiacs she could find in one day. Expect some giggles. 

Articles Discussed:

The Two Ways to Get on Top of Your Bills

Do Aphrodisiacs Really Work?

10 Quirky Kitchen Utensils You Didn’t Know You Needed

Do You Have Social Jetlag?

The Relationship Between Mums & Their Sons

Where To Eat & Drink This London Fashion Week

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