/ 19 Aug 2020

An Open Discussion About Race

The Black Lives Matter movement has been an eye opening time for businesses everywhere. Improving diversity is something we've been working on for years at SheerLuxe, with some success in places but less so in others. Listening to the feedback SheerLuxe has received in light of the BLM movement, it is clear we need to work harder to create content and build a workforce that's inclusive of all women. We recently held two diverse focus groups during which we talked to women about terminology, heritage, race, the workplace, what they wanted from SL and lots more. The focus groups were hugely constructive and educational, and we wanted to bring that discussion to our readers. In this week's podcast, Georgie is joined remotely by three women who attended those focus groups – Ana, Juliet and Emma – for an open and honest discussion about race. 

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