/ 27 Sep 2018

New Films, The Life Of A Cam Girl & We Try The Mark Wahlberg Routine

If you're stuck on what to watch, you've found the right episode – hear all about the TV shows, Netflix specials and new films the ladies have been bingeing on over the weekend. Features Writer Pascale chats us through her day re-creating Mark Wahlberg's crazy routine, and shares some fascinating insights from her interview with a cam girl. Plus, fashion is on the agenda as the team debate clothing sizes and discuss this season's new metallic trend.

Articles Discussed:

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SL Film Review: A Simple Favour

Could You Live Like Mark Wahlberg?

Is Feeling 'The Spark' On A First Date Really That Important

What It's Really Like To Be A Cam Girl

Can Fashion Stores Decide On Sizing Once & For All, Please?

15 Silver Pieces To Buy Now

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