/ 4 May 2021

My Surrogacy Journey: In Conversation With Anna Buxton & Michael Johnson Ellis

This week, Georgie is joined in conversation by Michael Johnson Ellis, founder of My Surrogacy Journey, and Anna Buxton, surrogacy advocate and mother of three children via a surrogate, to discuss the topic. Michael and his husband Wes went through the lengthy, complicated process of using a surrogate to build their family - he shares his experiences and the prejudices that still exist against a same-sex couple in the world of fertility. Anna also discusses how her and her husband came to use surrogates to conceive, and together the two explain exactly what the process involves, the complications that can arise, and the changes that need to happen to help couples grow their family through this method. From the implied costs to the admin involved, Anna and Michael are pros on the subject - and whether you're interested in the process yourself right now or not, you will be once you've listened to this.

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