/ 26 May 2023

Martha Stewart, Cannes Best films & Imposter Syndrome

This week, Heather Steele is joined by Sherri Andrew, Emma Bigger & Laura Black to discuss

what they’ve been up to recently, including a new exhibition at the Tate Modern, a family camping trip & watching the new Ed Sheeran documentary. They also discuss the films they can’t wait to see following Cannes Film Festival, scoring Beyonce tickets & Martha Stewart’s new Sports Illustrated front cover. Plus, they answer some questions from viewers & the SL Community…

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The Nest, Glamping | https://www.thenestglamping.co.uk/

Ed Sheeran, The Sum Of It All | Disney +

1883 | Prime

Tomorrow & Tomorrow & Tomorrow, Gabrielle Zevin | https://bit.ly/3MXPcky

Klint & Modrian Exhibition, Tate Modern | https://bit.ly/3BXUuq1

GALA Festival | https://bit.ly/3IJZaDE

Love Supreme Festival | https://bit.ly/3J5OxLV

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