What’s On My Table, With Zahra Abdalla
What’s On My Table, With Zahra Abdalla

What’s On My Table, With Zahra Abdalla

Zahra Abdalla is an award-winning cookbook author, content creator and food entrepreneur. As the founder of Zahra’s Kitchen, she develops recipes that put a modern spin on traditional Middle Eastern food, drawing inspiration from her childhood, the region’s distinct flavours and her extensive travels. In this feature, she takes us inside her Dubai kitchen to show us what she’s cooking. Plus, she shares three things she’s loving right now…

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Iranian Herb Stew

6 people
Total Time
2 Hours Plus 30 minutes prep
1 kg of lamb
650g of parsley, leaves only, finely chopped
550g of spring onions, finely chopped
30g of dried chives or 100g fresh chives
8g of dried Fenugreek (shanbelileh)
7 pieces of dried lime, soaked
480g of cooked kidney beans
100g of chopped onion, small
100ml of vegetable oil (for vegetables)
150ml of vegetable oil (for meat)
1 tsp of black pepper
2 tsp of turmeric powder
3 tsp of salt
1 tbsp of dried lime powder or lemon juice if needed
Step 1

Soak dried limes for 4 hours, rinse every 90 minutes – this helps remove the bitter taste from the lime and allows for better flavour. Rinse and drain before using.

Step 2

Soak the dried chives for 30 minutes, drain and squeeze excess water. Set aside.

Step 3

In a large pot, on a medium heat, fry the vegetables (green onion, parsley and chives) without oil for about 10 minutes, until the excess liquid has evaporated. Add 100ml of vegetable oil, fry for about 10 minutes. Turn off the heat, add the dried fenugreek and mix ingredients together. It is important not to fry the fenugreek as it can give the dish a bitter taste. Set aside.

Step 4

In a large pot, on high heat, sauté the onions in 150ml of vegetable oil until they become translucent. Add in the turmeric powder and black pepper. Add the meat and fry until browned. Add about 2.5 litres of boiling water, allowing the liquid to come to a boil. Cover the pot with a lid, reduce the heat and allow to simmer for 90 minutes. Add the fried vegetables and season with salt and leave to simmer for an additional 90 minutes.

Step 5

Add the cooked beans and soaked limes, simmer for additional 20 minutes. Finally, adjust for salt and add the dried lime or lemon juice. Turn off the heat.

Step 6

Serve with rice.


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“While there are so many new and upcoming restaurants, I love the comfort and consistency that Carine offers. The food is always on point, and I have built genuine friendships with the staff. Whenever I can, I sit at my favourite oval booth table at the entrance of the patio, which overlooks the restaurant. The table is large enough to fit six but small enough to keep it cosy. It has a lovely view of the entire patio and the golf course. In the evenings, the lighting is warm and welcoming, and the music is at the perfect level – enjoyable but still allowing for conversation. I love that the staff knows what I like, and I always start my meal with my favourite drink. I usually order the same thing: burrata, onion tart, tuna tartare (the best in town), lentil salad, and grilled harissa prawns – I love dipping the bread in the sauce. I like their small plates, but if we are a big enough group, I enjoy ordering their Tomahawk steak. A meal is never complete without their decadent apple tart served with vanilla ice cream.”

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