How 5 Stylish Women Are Spending New Year’s Eve
How 5 Stylish Women Are Spending New Year’s Eve

How 5 Stylish Women Are Spending New Year’s Eve

These five women are united in their excellent sense of style, but they have five different approaches to New Year’s Eve this year…

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Tamara Jabi

SL ME Contributing Beauty Editor

“The way I've spent NYE has changed drastically over the course of the past decade. It used to be all about getting extra dressed up and going out to the hottest restaurants or clubs in sky-high heels. Recently, though, I have exclusively spent NYE at house parties with my nearest and dearest. Luckily enough, my brother, his wife and I are very close – so close we share the same circle of friends! This year, we'll do what we always do now, which is to have a party at their Downtown apartment overlooking the Burj Khalifa, and watch the fireworks at midnight. Most of these friends we share have been in our lives since childhood and the time we spend with them is always so special. My favourite element of our parties is theme dressing. Last year, the theme was 'Slumberland' which meant coming dressed in our pyjamas (who doesn't love a cosy set?) and this year, we're still floating around ideas but should be coming up with something fun soon. We are so lucky to have amazing friends in the hospitality scene who do an excellent job of giving us top-notch catering at the party, like Pinch Gourmet for the mains, Snoopy Circle for the bar setup and Rise Bakehouse and Pistachoux for desserts. For New Year’s Day, we have a tradition of having brunch at our favourite neighbourhood spot, Jun's Downtown. It serves breakfast until late and that flexibility to rock up at 3pm to order eggs is absolutely necessary after a long night!”

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Reema Mukhi

Fashion Designer

2023 has been a ride. It's been full of travelling and managing a hectic work schedule and now that the year is up, I’m looking forward to being present and spending New Year’s Eve with my family and friends. We usually either spend it at home, or at our family home in Al Barari, and this year will be the same, except it's my turn to host at my house in Jumeirah. Even though I’ll be at home, it's the season for sparkle – so I’m looking forward to wearing a pair of black sequinned trousers with an oversized cashmere cardigan from my own label, Reema Ameer, these Miu Miu platforms and some crystal earrings from Alessandra Rich. I like to take the fuss out of hosting and order Chinese food from Mott 32 in Dubai, as its a tradition in our household – we always get the roast duck. As it nears midnight, we take a walk down to the beach at the Mandarin Oriental as it's around the corner from our home, where we watch Dubai’s spectacular annual fireworks display. On New Year’s Day, we’re sticking to the tradition of meeting up with our friends and heading over to Dubai Yacht Club where we’ll take a ride out on the water for the day.

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Hanan Houachmi

Brand Consultant & Content Creator

“For me, New Year’s Eve isn’t about a party or a celebration. It’s a lot more reflective. It’s usually about togetherness with my close friends and family – and always revolves around food. I like to keep it small and start the new year with people I love, and there’s nothing more perfect than an intimate dinner – in recent years, I’ve rarely made it to midnight. If I’m not travelling to Marrakech and I’m staying in Dubai, I like to serve up French food. This reminds me of growing up in France. There usually dishes like oysters, tapenade, foie gras, octopus and escargot – which happens to be a family favourite! I love to dress up and wear something festive for New Year’s Eve even if I’m spending it at home. The same goes for New Year’s Day – I like to end the old year and ring in the new year on an immaculately stylish note. This year I’m loving this dress from Maison La Collection and I’d style it with these silver flats from COS. We don’t have traditions for NYE, but for New Year’s Day we usually go for a brunch, and in the afternoon we have, what we call in French, La Galette des Rois, which is a flaky pastry filled with frangipane that hides a small figurine within it. The tradition says that whoever finds the figurine is the king or the queen for the day and is awarded a crown.”

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Lulu Dahmash

SL ME Contributing Fashion Editor

“Typically, I spend New Year's Eve with my family and close friends. This year, we're keeping the tradition alive and celebrating together at Honeycomb Hifi. For me, starting off the new year surrounded by family is the best way to go. We’re planning to enjoy good music and indulge in delicious Japanese cuisine – I’m already dreaming of their wagyu and mushroom skewers.

I'm a big vintage fan and just got my hands on a gorgeous green dress. I'm excited to wear it with my favourite D’Accori platforms and a green Swarovski crystal necklace – stay tuned for pics of the look on the day! On New Year’s Day, I’m beginning with some self-care, most likely a beach walk, followed by my favourite class at Barre Effect, then some pampering – a massage, nails and hair. I want to head into 2024 feeling refreshed and putting myself first.”

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Rani Ilmi

Founder of Frame Publicity

“I work in PR and am always surrounded by people, so I find New Year’s Eve an amazing time to connect with family or very close friends. My husband and I stay in, he cooks an amazing meal, and we are usually asleep before midnight… We're mostly New Year's Day people! Since we’ll be dining at home, we’ll likely be indulging in our favourite Châteauneuf-du-Pape red wine and steak. The day of New Year’s Eve is usually spent getting all the ingredients together and I'll do the typical Dubai grooming circuit of nails at N.Bar and getting a blow dry with Tracy at Headkase – as a fashion girl, I still have my outfit planned, despite it being a quiet night! I’m likely going to be wearing denim from Raey and this sequin top from Yuhan Wang – perfect for a decadent night in! Looking back on this past year, I’ve been very lucky at work and I'm resolving to be kind, grateful and thoughtful for 2024. I'm committed to go into the new year with this energy and have some exciting plans workwise that I'm looking forward to seeing realised. On New Year’s Day, I’ll likely start off with an early workout, taking my three poodles to the dog beach for quality time, and wind down with the infrared sauna at The Recovery Suite at Embody Fitness in ICD Brookfield Place in the evening. I want to be fully recharged for what January brings – and that includes minimal phone time on January 1st.”

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