/ 7 Oct 2022

Georgie and Charlotte Answers Your SheerLuxe Questions...

This week's team podcast looks a little different. We asked you for your questions for founder and CEO Georgie Coleridge Cole, and from her new season fashion picks to her vision for SL, Charlotte puts her in the hotseat to answer your queries...

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Georgie NYC Recommendations:

The Edition - https://www.editionhotels.com/new-york/

The Peninsula https://www.peninsula.com/en/new-york/5-star-luxury-hotel-midtown-nyc

Charlotte NYC Recommendations:

The Bowery (South) -https://www.theboweryhotel.com/

The Mark (Uptown) - https://www.themarkhotel.com/


Los Tamerindos - https://www.lostamarindos.mx/

Birthday Meal in London:

Daphne's - https://daphnes-restaurant.co.uk/

Little House, Balham - https://www.sohohouse.com/en-us/houses/little-house-balham

Claridges (Perfect Staycation) - https://www.claridges.co.uk/

Langan's - https://www.langansbrasserie.com/

Georgie's Perfect Weekend Recommendations:

Sunday Roast at Balthazar https://balthazarlondon.com/

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