Our Fashion Editor Talks Brands, Dubai Hotspots & More
Our Fashion Editor Talks Brands, Dubai Hotspots & More

Our Fashion Editor Talks Brands, Dubai Hotspots & More

Amrita Singh has lived in Dubai for the last seven years, and as SheerLuxe Middle East’s new fashion editor, who better to talk to about local brands, favourite shopping destinations and the secrets to great style. Here, we get to know Amrita a little better…
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Hi Amrita – as today is our first email to SL ME subscribers, can you give us a potted history of your career up until this point?

In a nutshell – I graduated from the London College of Fashion in the recession – and spent my 20s working in numerous jobs like fashion PR, and then within the corporate sector. However, I’d always been creative, enjoying fashion, styling and writing (I even had a blog dedicated to underground music). So, I decided instead to find a job in luxury retail, which also gave me an in road to styling before I ended up moving to Dubai. At the time of the move, I had randomly applied for an English-speaking editor job and it was just my luck that it was a Features Editor role for a relatively new online women’s platform, AboutHer.com, targeting Arab women all over the world. I also landed a part-time job as a private stylist for a high-net-worth individual, so I got to do two jobs I loved. I spent six years in my role at AboutHer.com before moving to SheerLuxe ME.

What brought you to Dubai? 

They say the universe pushes you out of your comfort zone to encourage change – and I think my husband and I had gotten to a point in London where we felt we wanted a little more adventure out of life. It just so happened that he had been offered a role in Dubai, too, so we decided to take the leap.

What do you enjoy about it the most? 

I love the work/life balance in Dubai and the fact that I’m never far from a beach or a mall! Dubai offers a lifestyle that allows you to switch off when needed, take a staycation at the weekend, and the chance to go the beach in the week, before going out for dinner and being in bed by 10pm – you really can do it all. Moving here felt like a really easy transition – an opportunity to start from scratch.

I love the WORK/LIFE BALANCE in Dubai and the fact that I’m NEVER FAR from a BEACH or a MALL!

Tell us about your style and who inspires it?

My style icons have always been the Olsen twins – I love their casual, effortless approach to fashion, but I find inspiration everywhere – from ad campaigns to archival fashion books, streetstyle to menswear, there’s always something that catches my attention. Over the last few years, I feel like I’ve really understood my personal aesthetic and my wardrobe is a treasure trove of pieces I’ve collected. I tend to shy away from trends and opt for elevated classics. I initially started my own Instagram page as a motivation to shop my own wardrobe instead of shopping every time I had an event. Since then, I can see how my personal style has evolved. I tend to stick to a certain formula – jeans, a tank, an oversized blazer and heels because I believe style should be comfortable, chic and effortless. If you look uncomfortable in something, it always shows.


Is there anything else you'd say about how you approach fashion?

I generally take a mindful approach to fashion – so when I shop, I think about how many ways I could wear the item. Could I dress it up or down? Where would I wear it? Sometimes, I think the dopamine hit we get when we get something we ordered online has desensitised us; we forget there’s a garment designer, a factory worker, a machinist, a fabric dyer etc, behind each piece. I’m not perfect by any means, but I try my best.

Which brands do you admire the most?

I pretty much live in COS. A lot of the time people will ask me where I got a certain piece of clothing and 80% of the time it’s COS. It’s the clean lines, minimalism and tailoring that work really well in my wardrobe and its very affordable. It does great high-end dupes, too. Oysho is also excellent for basics. Contemporary brands I love include Bouguessa, The Frankie Shop, Tibi, LouLou Studios, Pleats Please by Issey Miyake, Wardrobe NYC and Raey. As for high-end, Bottega Veneta is one I’m obsessed with. It’s the lack of logo, the attention to detail and the ready-to-wear is just beautiful. The cuts and fabrics are incredible – if I had a bigger budget, I don’t think I’d be seen in anything else. That said, I love finding a good high-street dupe.

Do you follow any fashion rules? 

There’s nothing we can or can’t wear regardless of our size and shape – we can always use our clothes to accentuate or conceal parts of our bodies, or use clothes to make us look taller, slimmer etc. However, for best results, my biggest rule is to understand your body shape. If you know how to dress your shape, you will always look stylish.

Don’t be afraid to try on clothes you wouldn’t usually – I’m 5’1, and if I didn’t try on those extra-long pants, or really oversized shirt or sweater, I’d be confined to shopping the petite ranges only. What’s the worst that could happen? You might find a style you wouldn’t have thought about before.

Do invest in items you can see yourself wearing for seasons to come – a lot of the time these include coats, shoes, bags, a statement shirt and denim. Spending a little more on something that looks good on you can save you from spending money on pieces you won’t reach for after a few wears. Remember, trends don’t dictate style and confidence is key. Go with your gut and only wear what feels good to you.


My STYLE ICONS have always been the OLSEN TWINS – I love their CASUAL, EFFORTLESS approach to FASHION.

Can you share three local brands you like?

One is Bouguessa – it has a really timeless approach to style. The tailoring is impeccable, and the collection is full of easy-to-wear investment pieces. I’m currently obsessed with the Ross coat in black. Odeem is an accessories brand that’s so chic – the brand does a really beautiful collection of leather and exotic handbags that come at a contemporary price point. Lastly, Qasimi is the ultimate Emirati fashion label – its edgy, has a great collection of ready to wear, as well as an elevated approach to streetwear. I love the slogan t-shirts in Arabic calligraphy, and there’s a gorgeous maxi dress on the site right now.

Where is the best shopping in Dubai? 

There isn’t one particular area but I love D3 for the contemporary clothing, sneaker and streetwear stores; Dubai Mall for luxury stores; and Al Serkal where you’ll find a few concept stores and lots of art galleries. There’s also a really cool second-hand luxury store there too.

What does your perfect Dubai day look like?

My perfect day in Dubai would include a gym class, having coffee and breakfast with my husband afterwards and then heading to Al Quoz to look at some cool furniture stores as we’re currently renovating our apartment – La Brocante has really great vintage pieces, The Bowery Company and The Loom Collective have more conceptual vibes and Vertical is a great concept space full of quirky art and home décor. After spending some time with our dog Pickles, we’d head out to a nice dinner and cocktails with friends, and then be home early enough to squeeze in an episode of our favourite show.

Any restaurants you love in Dubai? 

I’m loving The Nice Guy in DIFC – it’s an Italian restaurant and great for date night; the lights are dim, they sometimes have live music, a lovely cocktail menu, the food is out of this world and overall it’s lovely dining experience. For a casual lunch, it’s always Tasha’s at the Galleria Mall in Jumeirah. The menu has something for everyone.

And favourite places for coffee?

I love popping into Comptoir 102 in Jumeirah for a coffee and a little mooch around their in-house concept store, which is full of really beautiful clothing, accessory and jewellery brands.

What about favourite bars?

There are so many I love, but my top three would be The Electric Pawn Shop, The Maine and Ergo at the Dubai Edition.


Speaking of – what are your favourite hotels?

I love the Edition hotels – both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The Dubai Edition has a bunch of cool bars and restaurants and the décor is so chic.

Which is the best beach? 

Sunset beach – it’s not far from where I live and there’s nothing on it except the sand and the water. It’s really nice to take a picnic there in the winter as it’s breezy and the temperature is only about 26°C-30°C.

Is there anything coming up in Dubai you're excited about? 

The launch of SL ME! But I always look forward to Art Dubai which happens in March every year. Art galleries and artists from all over the world come to present their work and it’s just incredibly inspiring.

Do you travel locally at all – if so, where?

In the UAE, we love a little staycation in a different Emirate. We loved The Oberoi in Ajman and we also like taking Pickles to the dog-friendly beach in Umm Al Quwain – which is stunning. We also loved going to Beirut in Lebanon this year – it’s the ultimate city break with plenty of good food, great bars and culture.

Finally, how do you feel about SL ME?

I’m over the moon about it launching. It’s going to be the fashion, beauty and lifestyle shake-up the region needs. I’m really excited to see how it grows across the region and to be a part of that journey. I think the platform will bring a lot of women a lot of joy across an inclusive space that offers them the best of everything.

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