Meet The Founder Of L’AFSHAR
Meet The Founder Of L’AFSHAR

Meet The Founder Of L’AFSHAR

It’s only 10 years since Lilian Afshar launched L’AFSHAR. But since the Dubai-based label broke out at Paris Fashion Week 2015, its bags have become a favourite among A-listers. Here, Lilian tells us about that incredible journey from her perspective…

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There is a whole archive of incredible moments that have made this journey so worthwhile. In no particular order, I remember there was one week when Celine Dion, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Alba were all spotted carrying L’AFSHAR. It’s also been amazing to meet clients who have become collectors – they know all the names of the bags I’ve created and it’s special to be in conversation with a buyer who truly understands and appreciates the craftsmanship of the brand. Dressing Queen Rania was a major moment for me, and so was meeting the Empress Farah Pahlavi at her house in Paris for afternoon tea. Then, of course, there was the time Kylie Jenner’s team reached out to make a mini bag for her daughter Stormi – that was the conception of the mini size! 

Dressing QUEEN RANIA was a major moment for me, and so was MEETING THE EMPRESS FARAH PAHLAVI at her house in Paris for afternoon tea.

Establishing our in-house production was a turning point. Before we had our own production facility, our output was extremely limited. Setting up the Studio allowed the brand to expand the number of bags we produced first and foremost, but the following year I was able to fulfil my passion project, which was homeware. All our acrylic pieces are handcrafted on the lower floor of the Studio. The upper floor is dedicated to the showroom. I love the energy of our space – we are constantly creating, developing, testing and pushing boundaries.


I realised my label’s popularity when we had top stylists and retailers reaching out to us. That was around 2018, when Kylie Jenner started to wear the bags and we launched on NET-A-PORTER. That’s also when I started to see L’AFSHAR bags on clients anytime I was at a dinner or event.

My heritage is a pillar of the universe of L’AFSHAR. For example, ‘Ayeneh kari’ is a Persian craft that has inspired me – it involves creating mosaics on mirrors. I came across it at the Golestan Palace in Tehran, in a room called the Hall of Diamonds. The entire space is embellished with mirrored mosaics, extending seamlessly from the ceiling to the walls.

I realised MY LABEL'S POPULARITY when we had TOP STYLISTS and RETAILERS reaching out to us.


When I carry L’AFSHAR, I tend to go for the mini size. I can fit in a card holder, Chanel Coco Baume, a small perfume bottle and my car keys.

To celebrate ten years of L’AFSHAR, I’ve launched a heart necklace. It’s made from resin in two colourways as an ode to the new chapter of my life – being a mother of two. 


I am an admirer of craft beyond the fashion world. I find inspiration in objets d’art, specifically in crystal and Murano. If I had the chance to collaborate with anyone, I would have to choose the legendary French glassmaker Daum. It uses 'pâte-de-Verre’, a technique of pressing crushed glass into a mould. It would be fascinating to see our worlds collide.




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