Brand Spotlight: MACH & MACH
Brand Spotlight: MACH & MACH

Brand Spotlight: MACH & MACH

Over the last decade, MACH & MACH has established itself as one of the most dynamic shoe brands in the industry. Founded by sisters Gvantsa and Nina Macharashvili in Georgia, the label is known for its crystal bow details, with Dua Lipa, Beyoncé and the Hilton sisters all wearing its pieces. We asked Gvantsa and Nina how they’ve achieved this success and what the future holds…

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We launched MACH & MACH in 2012 in Tbilisi, Georgia. It became popular in our home country, and we felt a lot of love and support which gave us the courage to dream bigger. After participating in Tbilisi Fashion Week, we thought about expanding our business internationally and as the label continued to grow, we decided to move production to Italy. In 2020, during Paris Fashion Week, we presented for the first time our Double Bow and Diamond of Elizabeth shoes.

Everything happened really organically. We's loved art and fashion since childhood and never imagined that we would do anything else. We'd always dreamed of creating a unique product that would make women feel confident. Our designs are all about femininity and youth.

We take inspiration from anything bright, sparkling or radiant. Every season, we research materials and processing techniques that can make each creation even more special, taking inspiration from the worlds of photography and cinema, personalities from the past and whatever interests us most.

We're not afraid of challenges. We understand that each stage of a brand’s development comes with its own difficulties. The important thing is that every time we create a collection, we try to make it better than the previous one, and we do it with a lot of self belief.

We loved it when icons like DUA LIPA, BEYONCÉ and SOLANGE wore our designs.


Our signature Double Bow shoe is a symbol of femininity and positivity. The bow is a double – like us two sisters – and a symbol of holding elements together; its shape reminds us of an infinity symbol. Newer designs like Le Cadeau, the Triple Heart and Double Heart expand on these ideas.

We try to create pieces that make an impact. Occasionwear is so important in our lives because it helps us create new memories with those we love most. It also makes us feel confident and beautiful. 

Shoes are so important when putting a look together. They can perfectly match an outfit or speak an entirely different language – both options are interesting if they express the personality of the wearer. Our heels create completely different looks when paired with a sparkling cocktail dress or with denim. 

We loved it when Dua Lipa, Beyoncé and Solange wore our designs. It was all very spontaneous. Paris and Nicki Hilton have also really supported us from the beginning, as have Chiara Ferragni and Katy Perry.


We are thrilled about the way MACH & MACH has grown a STRONG FOLLOWING IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

Our favourite designs are the Diamond of Elizabeth and Marie Antoinette styles because they are one of a kind – and because we had a lot of fun taking inspiration from the world of royalty to design these shoes. 

In our own wardrobes, we love to experiment with trends. But we're also fond of wardrobe staples such as black or plaid blazers, white or striped poplin shirts, and tailored pants. At the same time, we love to research new designers and combine new colours and shapes depending on the mood and the city we are in. Between us we have quite different but still complementary styles.

MACH & MACH's aesthetic is bright, shiny and evanescent. It gives a festive aura to the wearer, as we like to explore light in all its forms, playing with its effects and colours. We always have someone who wants to assert their style boldly and uncompromisingly with strong colours and a statement look in mind.

We are thrilled about the way MACH & MACH has grown such a strong following in the Middle East. The creativity of our Middle Eastern audience continually inspires us and seeing how our customers mesh their individual style with our designs is always really gratifying. We recently launched a pop-up in the Place Vendome in Doha, and we’re really excited about other projects in the Middle East which will be unveiled next season. 

Our latest collection features a rainbow of colours and some new materials. There’s orange, sky blue and satin pink, and we've also introduced patent leather and mirrored leather, as well as experimenting with raffia, mesh, new heel heights and applications on both accessories and clothing. For us, designing is like daydreaming – we imagine those beautiful and unforgettable moments and go from there. 

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