A Cool Designer Talks AW Fashion, Inspiration & More...
A Cool Designer Talks AW Fashion, Inspiration & More...

A Cool Designer Talks AW Fashion, Inspiration & More...

Thanks to its sophisticated, modern and minimalist take on wardrobe staples, Bouguessa has quickly established itself as an up-and-coming name in the fashion world. Its autumn/winter collection is full of stylish heroes – think impeccable tailoring, wool coats and smart leather accessories – all imbued with founder and designer Faiza Bouguessa's unique perspective. Here, she tells us more about the business, her own take on blending Parisian influences with own French-Algerian heritage and what to expect next from the brand of the moment…
By Elaine Lloyd-Jones


Starting a fashion brand was always a dream of mine. What I didn’t realise is the work it would take to define my vision for Bouguessa. It took me a good two years of researching the industry before we officially launched. I wanted an aesthetic that I felt was close to my own style – minimal and sophisticated – and I wanted to offer something different that catered to women who had the same interests and passions as I did – namely, art, architecture, and design. 

I grew up in a family full of creatives. They all inspired me in one way or another to take a more creative route with my career. My grandmother was a seamstress and taught me basic sewing at a very young age. My mother had also wanted to be a fashion designer – so she sharpened my interest in all things fashion, cinema and literature. 

French fashion is so EFFORTLESS and SOPHISTICATED, and I want my designs to have that same SENSE OF EASE.

Roland Mouret was a mentor to me very early on. But I’ve also been supported a lot by Sara Maino from Vogue Italia, Princess Deena and many more women to whom I feel so grateful for all the connections I made since I started my brand. 

My French Algerian heritage comes through a lot in my designs. French fashion is so effortless and sophisticated, and I want my designs to have that same sense of ease, so they can be worn anywhere, anytime. It’s omnipresent through the fabrics, patterns and shapes. 

My personal style is best described as minimal chic with a twist. I like to add a little element here or there that makes my look a bit different. Everything I design needs to relate back to this, and I often ask myself would I wear this? If the answer is no, it gets cancelled. 

The Bouguessa aesthetic is all about minimalist sophistication and refined elegance. We offer contemporary classics inspired by art, architecture and modern design, and the signature silhouettes lie in modern cuts, clean, bold lines, and a geometric precision that’s designed to inspire confidence in anyone who wears them. 

Bouguessa’s DNA is wardrobe classics with a contemporary twist. The definition of our cuts and the quality of our fabrics is what sets us apart and makes the collections timeless. When you wear a Bouguessa piece, the way you carry yourself is different. You feel like the best version of yourself. 

The current collection draws inspiration from the early 90s, seamlessly blending it with contemporary craftsmanship and intricate detailing. It's all about versatility, balancing tailoring with soft drapes and sharp lines – all in an earthy colour palette. The collection features luxurious oversized coats, timeless tweeds and bouclé combined with lightweight jerseys and crisp poplin shirts. Influenced by art, the collection incorporates textures through wool threads, upholstery-like fabrics, raw cords, and natural yarn fringes, all meticulously stitched onto designs.

Fashion isn’t about following trends, it's about seeing clothing as an investment. Bouguessa is a brand for creative thinkers – women and men – who want contemporary, sophisticated garments that are made to last, and can easily be mixed and matched without taking too much time out of their schedule. It’s about style, quality and wearability. 

Beyoncé wore a piece from my very first collection. To have such a moment so soon after launching was incredible. There are so many other moments that have stood out, too. Princess Deena Al Jouhani has worn the brand and she’s someone who I admire so much. In the future, Rosie Huntington-Whitely is someone I’d love to see in Bouguessa. 

Our bestsellers include the long blazer, our signature shirts, and our tailored trousers are also very popular. These are the pieces that are always re-invented or kept as they are because they form the core of each collection – and a woman’s wardrobe. 

When you wear a Bouguessa piece, the way you carry yourself is different. You FEEL LIKE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

My personal favourites from the collection are the Kai Trench which is such a nice basic, and the quality of it is exceptional, definitely a keeper. I also love the Alba Ovesized Double Shirt because it’s such a unique basic, and it converts into a dress. The long jackets, like the Ghaida Long Jacket or the Rana Long Twill Trench, are also very elegant this season and come with a twist at the collar which I love. Finally, our suits are super strong this season and empower anyone who wears them like the Zelda Suit or the Gabriele suit.

Sustainability is a strong focus in our business –  whether it be our packaging, our fabric selection, or any of our practices for that matter. Our main collections are produced in responsible quantities every year, which allows us to offer a concise range that’s more loyal to our vision. We also constantly rework our deadstock fabrics and leather to ensure as little as possible goes to waste. 

The denim line is new for this season. Crafted in Italy, it offers three unisex silhouettes. The Type 01 jeans, made from mid-weight 100% recycled cotton, pay homage to vintage classics with a modern twist. The Type 02 jeans, also in mid-weight 100% cotton, introduce a versatile mid-rise, wide-leg profile. And lastly, the Type 03 jeans feature a mid-rise waist and unique barrel-shaped legs for a more distinctive, cool appearance. The range spans everything from classic denim shades to camel and black.

Visit Bouguessa.com & NET-A-PORTER.com

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