/ 16 Aug 2022

Everything To Know About Endometriosis: From Diagnosis To Dealing With Symptoms

SL Talks... Endometriosis

This week, the SL Talks subject is endometriosis. It’s estimated that more than a million women in the UK suffer with the disease – a condition which sees tissue grow outside the uterus causing menstrual irregularities and excruciating pain. And yet, many women are left waiting years for a final diagnosis, forcing them to find alternative ways to cope with the symptoms in the meantime. Charlotte Collins is joined by Dr Shahzadi Harper, menopause and perimenopause wellbeing doctor, Author of The Perimenopause Solution and founder of The Harper Clinic on Harley Street, and Lisa Potter-Dixon, make-up artist, sufferer and advocate for those with the disease, to discuss the symptoms, misconceptions, treatments and advice for this surprisingly common illness.

Dr Shahzadi Harper - https://bit.ly/3SPFGRE

Sunday Times Article - https://bit.ly/3pinLFJ

Lisa’s Blog Post -https://bit.ly/3QrU9BG

Wild Nutrition, Endo-Complex - https://bit.ly/3JTuDTn

60 Second Appointment, Wild Nutrition Nutritionist - https://bit.ly/3w5avIq

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Wild Nutrition, Probiotics - https://bit.ly/3QLPwlw

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