/ 8 Nov 2018

Dining Etiquette, Country V City & Adult Gap Years

First up, entertainment is on the agenda as the team reveal recommend the TV shows and activities they’ve enjoyed over the weekend.

They also share their top tips on dining etiquette, from pet peeves to their own shortcomings. They debate whether life is really better when you up sticks to the countryside, plus they chat travelling alone and adult gap years - would you consider one?

Then, the discussion turns to fashion, from our obsession with pockets to wedding dress dilemmas. 

Articles Discussed:

Everything You Need To Know About Good Dining Etiquette

Considering Moving To The Country? Read This First

10 Tips For Solo Travel

Should You Take A Grown-Up Gap Year?

Why Are We So Obsessed With Pockets?

The Wedding Diaries: The Dress

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