/ 2 May 2019

Debating The Beyoncé Documentary, How To Actually Stop Hayfever & The Team's Foodie Tips

First up, the team share their thoughts on the inspiring new Beyoncé documentary. Ballet and barre classes are on the agenda, as they discuss their favourite ways to get fit, plus they share their top rooftop spots in London for when the sun is out. After serious hayfever chat and thoughts on the best ways to clean your teeth, food is up for discussion; from the coolest kitchen gadgets to their top ways with eggs, they share their foodie tips.

Articles Discussed:

9 Fascinating Facts We Learnt From Beyoncé’s New Netflix Film

6 Of The Best Barre & Ballet Classes In London

London's Best Rooftop Bars & Outdoor Terraces

14 Delicious Egg Recipes To Try This Week

Hayfever: Stop It From Getting The Best Of You

6 Reasons You Should Use An Electric Toothbrush, If You Don’t Already

Kitchen Tools Professional Chefs Can’t Cook Without

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