/ 24 May 2018

Botox & Feminism, Book Clubs & Can Cheating Be A Good Thing?

Georgie Coleridge Cole and Rosy Cherrington from the SheerLuxe team return this week with special guests SL contributor Georgina Blaskey and Victoria Genevieve – image consultant, personal shopper and stylist.

Following last weekend’s major wedding, the team weigh in on Meghan Markle’s very royal style, and discuss which other summer events they’re eagerly anticipating – as well as booking tickets to.

Relationships are also in the spotlight, as they debate whether cheating can ever be a good thing, if open relationships can really work, and whether newlywed employees should get extra time off. Plus, they talk all things Botox and fillers – including whether having them makes you a ‘bad feminist’, and what really happens when you get your lip fillers removed.


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