7 Hair Colours To Try This Year
7 Hair Colours To Try This Year

7 Hair Colours To Try This Year

Whether it's an enhanced version of your natural colour like Deema Al Asadi, vibrant red or bambi blonde, a new wave of hair colour trends are set to make an impression this year. We asked four pros to get us up to speed…

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Colour Blocking

“Colour blocking emerged a few years ago, but 2024 is all about a softer palette, with contrasting tones blocked around the face and key areas such as fringes and side panels – all done using warm golden tones to create shadow and depth. It’s a technique that places contrasting colours through the hair in statement blocks. Usually it’s a two-tone look, but you can adapt this technique to reflect your own personality and style by pulling in three, four or even five shades. It can be done with bold, chunky blocks that frame the face or a scattering of highlights placed throughout the hair with subtle flair.” Sam Carpenter, Eideal

Multi-Dimensional Brunettes

“Rather than being one shade, this is about subtle highlights that naturally complement a dark base and add warm tones to your brunette. It suits any cut and hair texture. Dimension is the key. It’s not about a flat colour, but rather a multi-dimensional one achieved by subtle babylights in complementary tones to your base shade.” Rachel Bunce, The Den Salon

Vibrant Reds

“Red is still the dominant player if you want to channel an edgy style, but make it a shade that suits your complexion and flatters both your eye colour and skin tone. It also requires a lot of home maintenance as the fade is quick. I’d use sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner along with cool water when washing is a must. Also, invest in a leave-in conditioner that contains a heat protector to slow colour fade.” – Rachel

“Warmer, rich shades are versatile and suit lighter complexions. They look best with a medium-length bob and a wavy blow dry with straight ends for a modern look.” Haneen Odeh, Snob Salon

Bambi Blondes

“This is a warm, buttery and multi-tonal hair colour. It is not the blonde of the past few years – i.e. beachy bleach and flashy gold – but rather a more muted, fawn-inspired palette.” – Sam

“Yellow golds are gone. The shades now are much softer mixes of beige, vanilla or flattened honey. They are really nice on longer hair – instead of highlights, it places thicker slices of honey, caramel, beige and gold tones into the hair, so they blend seamlessly. They can also enhance long bobs or long layers.” – Rachel

Ribbon Highlights

“These are more obvious than babylights, but still refined. Clever placement, particularly around the back and underneath the hair, ensure the contrasting ribbons will pop and add warmth and interest to the hair. Ribbon highlights are great for longer layered looks.” – Rachel

“Ribbon highlights add dimension and radiance to brunette hair and complexions. Ideal for those with long layered hair, they can be styled straight or wavy.” – Haneen

Natural Tones

“Many people are choosing to embrace their natural hair colour. If you have spent years dyeing your hair and want to return to your roots (literally!) you might need to invest in nourishing and hydrating salon treatments, or a hair gloss will keep your shine.” – Rachel

“We’re seeing fewer requests for beachy balayage, with more people wanting a more natural look. Instead of a heavy blonde at the bottom, it’s more about adding slices of warmth and softer colour throughout the hair. For those wanting to elevate their look but keep it natural and low-maintenance, I’d recommend some babylights or soft balayage.” – Sam

Going Grey

“So many clients are opting to transition into naturally grey hair. This is self-love at its finest. Depending on the client and their hair, we might use combinations of highlighting techniques, colour-cleansing procedures and lots of aftercare. It’s a challenging yet inspiring job.” Natalya Sitnikova

“Homecare is vital to keep yellow and brassy tones at bay. Also, consider silver or white highlights to add dimension to the grey, so the colour isn’t flat. Grey hair can be coarse so you should also look at hydrating treatments to keep it sleek and shiny.” – Rachel

“Highlights and lowlights are a great technique for adding dimension to grey hair. When grey hair is coupled with a bob (a real on-point cut this year) the long, straight strands of this style look really contemporary and youthful when highlighted to a shiny white.” – Sam

Inspired? Here’s what our experts think you should discuss with your colourist…

“During your consultation, be sure to ask about longevity and grow out. No one wants a high-maintenance colour. Ask your colourist if there is an option to mask grey, rather than a blanket coverage that leaves harsh regrowth marks. Question them on the colour brand they use and if it is a clean or natural brand. Dramatic changes can be costly, time consuming and taxing on your hair condition, so you might want to ask them if they can take you on a hair colour journey over a few visits.” – Sam

“Asking your stylist about gradually transitioning to your desired colour over several appointments allows you to progress through intermediate shades, maintaining the health of your hair at each stage. This method not only provides a gentler transformation but also offers the excitement of a fresh look every few weeks, making the overall journey to your final colour more enjoyable.” – Rachel

“Remember to ask if the chosen colour trend will complement your complexion, and match your lifestyle and expectations. While some people might be okay with coming in for a toner every few weeks to keep the tone and vibrancy, some may prefer a more easy-going colour. It’s also important to be aware of the level of damage that your hair might go through if it’s dark and you want to go lighter. Before making a big change, think about whether you are ready for the commitment.” – Haneen 

“A good stylist will take you through colour and hair analysis, as well as considering and discussing lifestyle factors including your time for maintenance. Those all are important factors I would strongly suggest taking into consideration. After all, we’ve spent years doing hair and we can see a bigger picture, so use our knowledge to avoid unexpected problems.” – Natalya

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