Demi Rawling Talks Favourite Fragrances, Scent Memories & More
Demi Rawling Talks Favourite Fragrances, Scent Memories & More

Demi Rawling Talks Favourite Fragrances, Scent Memories & More

After moving to Dubai from Australia, Demi Rawling has spent the last seven years reviewing fragrances across her social media channels, establishing herself as something of a pioneer in this niche market. Plus, she – along with her partner Pierre-Louis – has launched a mobile app, Sniff, where users can discover new scents and learn about the world of fragrance. Here, Demi shares her current favourites, most memorable scent and more…

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My love of fragrances started at a young age. I made my first significant purchase when I was 15 – it was Marc Jacobs' Daisy Dream, and it still holds a special place in my collection to this day. It’s fresh, clean and the purple floral notes resonate with my youthful spirit.

As my experience in the industry has grown, so has my appreciation for diverse scents. Today, my fragrance collection reflects my understanding of how scent can complement various aspects of your life. In the morning, I gravitate towards fresher scents – citruses, in particular, can aid in concentration – while in the evening, my preference is for something more alluring if I’m going out, or comforting scents when I’m staying in.

I don't have a fixed signature scent. But there are times or periods when a particular fragrance becomes my personal hallmark for a while. Two I often use on rotation are Armani Privé Rouge Malachite – a blend of elegant white florals infused with a warm amber heart and a soft, woody base – and La Perla Possibilities, a luxe, floral composition with a velvety powdery essence and sweet depth.

Today, my FRAGRANCE COLLECTION collection reflects my understanding of how scent can complement various ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE.

With a collection exceeding 1,500, emptying a bottle isn’t easy. That said, I did recently finish two fragrances from Xerjoff – La Capitale, a fusion of fruits and leather, and Torino 21, a symphony of bright green accents interwoven with citrus nuances.

I refresh my ‘current favourites’ shelf every three months. Right now, my obsessions include: Panthea by Stephane Humbert Lucas, a concoction of soft citruses, musk, sandalwood, and iris; Love Delight from Amouage, which draws inspiration from Arabic pastries with nutty and creamy nuances; Bianco Latte from Giardini di Toscana, a TikTok sensation; Vanille Antique from Byredo, an amber-infused vanilla fragrance with a luscious fruity twist; and O Féminin by M.Micallef, a lifelike interpretation of orange blossom, delicately sweetened with musky undertones.

The fragrances with the most sentimental value for me are Flower by Kenzo and Herod from Parfums de Marly. Flower by Kenzo was my mother's signature scent while I was growing up, while Herod from Parfums de Marly was the fragrance my current partner wore when we first met. Our initial connection happened at a fragrance exhibition, and it was sparked by our shared admiration for that particular scent. Even now, it brings back such fond memories.


When I want to feel confident, my go-to is Chanel's Sycomore. It’s a sophisticated, dark vetiver fragrance designed for both men and women with woody notes that are both assertive and alluring – it’s an essential part of my collection.

For a night out, you need a scent that projects. Five of my favourites for this include Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Oud Satin Mood, a blend of powdery sweetness, infused with rose and oud; Tony Iommi by Xerjoff, a combination of fruity sweetness, caramelised leather and earthy patchouli; Duchessa from Gritti, a fusion of dark cherry, smoky saffron and bitter almond; Goldfield & Banks Silky Woods, a warm and spicy vanilla enriched with powerful woody notes; and Nefs by Nishane, full of honeyed rose, smoky saffron and dark woods.

Fragrance plays a pivotal role in my life. It elevates my mood, creates new memories, reconnects me with old ones, sets the tone, adds the perfect finishing touch to an outfit, and has the power to transport me to new and old places. 


Two Middle Eastern brands I love are Amouage and Gissah. Amouage, with its deep-rooted Omani heritage, is the epitome of art, culture, heritage, and luxury, while Gissah, an emerging Kuwaiti label, has caught everyone's attention with its trendy, colourful, modern, and youthful artistic direction. 

I'm always on the hunt for new fragrances – especially since I handle all the new fragrance data for Sniff. Being the first to know about the latest releases is really exciting. One that has caught my attention is Sunkissed Goddess by Kilian. As someone who likes tropical florals, its blend of exotic florals, coconut and vanilla notes sounds irresistible. 

I love an affordable gem, and my top pick is Yara by Lattafa. It combines fruity notes with cosy florals, creamy woods and hints of vanilla. It’s no wonder it’s generating quite a buzz.


Right now, my favourite summer fragrance is Carioca Heart by Jusbox. It’s reminiscent of a mango and pineapple smoothie but infused with creamy sandalwood and velvety vanilla. Expect to smell it everywhere this summer – trust me.

I’m always on the hunt for exclusive and unique fragrances. Recently, I added a prized possession to my collection: Nabataean Myrrh from Thameen, which is only available in Al'Ula in Saudi Arabia, and it’s not even on the brand’s website. Acquiring it was a memorable experience, and I can attest that it's truly worth the time and energy. It’s a blend of citruses, spices, and woods, which creates this balsamic profile with an addictive Coca-Cola-like undertone.

I’m really proud of my own fragrance – Minuit et Demi from Fragrance du Bois. It was a labour of love that took over a year to launch in 2020. Every ounce of my creativity and passion was poured into that scent. Soft spicy notes seamlessly transition into a gourmand heart, culminating in a woody base. It really was my vision, and I was so blessed to share it with my community.

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