/ 13 Jan 2023

2023 Weddings, Spare & Introverts Vs. Extroverts

This week, Charlotte Collins is joined by Heather Steele, Harriet Russell & Patricia O’Dwyer. Together, the team discuss Patricia’s upcoming wedding, that new memoir, and what they’ve enjoyed watching this week. Plus, they’re answering all your burning questions…

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Yellowstone | Prime

Breakpoint | Netflix

The Menu | Disney+

The Bear | Disney+

Boiling Point | Netflix

The Fat Duck | http://bit.ly/3GGcbfS

Akub | http://bit.ly/3ZBDa4I

Jacuzzi | https://bit.ly/3kho1Ft

Straker's | http://bit.ly/3W5n1S9

The Mayfair Hotel Megabuild, BBC 2 | http://bit.ly/3H1BR7R

David Gandy Wellwear Collection | http://bit.ly/3izHqRE

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