The At-Home Facial Tools The Experts Rate
The At-Home Facial Tools The Experts Rate

The At-Home Facial Tools The Experts Rate

With the latest technology delivering impressive results, at-home skincare devices for the face are becoming a big business. To find out which ones are worth investing in, we asked ten experts for their favourites. From ones that visibly tighten and lift to those that prevent premature signs of ageing, this is what they gave us…
By Rebecca Hull

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TheraFace PRO, £375 | Therabody

Recommended by: Teresa Tarmey, Skincare Expert & Facialist

Why She Loves It: “This is my new favourite home tool as it benefits from microcurrent waves, which I’m a huge fan of as they can really penetrate the skin. I also love that you can do LED at the same time with this tool. A lot of clients forget the muscles within their face, and that’s exactly what microcurrent works on. The muscle is what I call the ‘scaffold for the face’ so you need to help it stay up, and this tool does exactly that.”

Available at

Laser Starter Kit, £1,999 | LYMA

Recommended by: Nichola Joss, Celebrity Facialist & Creator of The Inner Facial

Why She Loves It: “I’ve used this for over three years, both personally and in my clinic to boost any facials I’m doing. It’s 100x more powerful than LED and it’s proven to give clinic-grade results within weeks – it is worth every penny in the long run. It’s also been designed to work for all skin conditions and tones, so everyone can use with ease. It’s specifically effective at treating eczema, acne, pigmentation and scarring. I love to use it to minimise bruises and thread veins, too. It’s a great all-rounder.”

Available at JohnBell&

FaceGym Pro, £575 | FaceGym

Recommended by: Sophie Perry, Skin Expert

Why She Loves It: "Our muscles are the scaffolding to our faces, so they need working. That's where this tool comes in. It works so well to firm and strengthen the muscle fibres within our faces, creating a strong foundation to which our skin sits on top of. The more you use it, the more you'll see a lifted and healthier-looking complexion."

Available at

LED Face Mask, £299 | FaceLITE

Recommended by: Dija Ayodele, Skincare Expert, Aesthetician & CEO of West Room Aesthetics

Why She Loves It: “This is my favourite device for overall skin rejuvenation. It’s one of the best I’ve tried, and it works to reduce inflammation, redness and hyperpigmentation, while generally boosting the overall health and appearance of your skin. I always recommend it to my clients.”

Available at

The Facialift, £34 | Sarah Chapman Skinesis

Recommended by: Michaella Bolder, Master Facialist, Skincare Expert & SheerLuxe Beauty Contributor

Why She Loves It: “This isn’t an electrical device, but it is a very hard-working tool. I am a big believer in facial massage and this wand by Sarah Chapman offers a deep, pressured massage to give you a sculpted and contoured result. The rollers can be used across the neck, along the jaw and cheekbones, and then gently rolled across the upper face daily to stimulate better blood flow. It really works – and it feels amazing.”

Available at

Flex Professional Led Light Therapy, £1,895 | Dermalux

Recommended by: Debbie Thomas, Skin & Laser Expert & Dr Anita Sturnham, Dermatology Specialist

Why They Love It: “This is a great, portable LED device that’s ideal for home use. I am a big fan of the brand and you will find its machines in top aesthetic clinics all over the UK. It offers seven LED treatment modalities that can be selected to treat your specific concerns. I like the red light to boost collagen and the blue light to treat breakouts. The Near Infrared setting (NIR) is great for calming inflammation.” – Anita

"This device is one of the strongest available for at-home use and when you use it regularly, you'll find it boosts the overall health of your skin, helping to improve its appearance, but more importantly, helping to slow down the ageing process, too." Debbie

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Beauty Nanocurrent Skincare Device, £425 | ZIIP

Recommended by: Abigail James, Author, Aesthetician & Wellness Coach

Why She Loves It: “This is small but mighty. You get what you pay for with this device as it combines microcurrent and nanocurrent waves. This means it can go beyond just firming muscles. With regular use you can stimulate your skin cells’ energy levels, which helps to produce better collagen and elastin, bringing that snap and bounce back to your skin. You have to keep at it though – use this at least three times a week for consistent results. I love that you can use it over the neck, forehead and brows – basically anywhere you want to tighten and refine.”

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Facial Sculpting Wand, £364 | Shani Darden

Recommended by: Shani Darden, Aesthetician & Skin Expert

Why She Loves It: “My signature facials always include 10 minutes of vibration therapy and I wanted to include this within a tool. That’s where my Facial Sculpting Wand comes in. It works to stimulate the facial muscles for a firmer, more contoured effect and I use it regularly at home. With sound wave technology, it gets down deep into the skin – 2.4 inches below the surface – to target wrinkles and uneven tone. You need to use it a few times a week, but with upkeep, you’ll notice skin is firmer, tighter and smoother.”

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