The Best Supper Clubs In Dubai
The Best Supper Clubs In Dubai

The Best Supper Clubs In Dubai

While Dubai’s restaurant scene is world class, intimate supper clubs are also growing in popularity. Here’s a curated list of the ones that promise to elevate your foodie experience in the city…

Girl And The Goose

On a mission to bring Nicaraguan food to Dubai, chef Gabriela Chamorro bases her creations on traditional, timeless recipes that have passed down from one generation to the next – only this time they’ve been infused with a modern twist. Menus are seasonal, and Gabriela regularly experiments with different flavour profiles and techniques. Signature dishes include the guacamole pani puri and her creative take on ceviche with lychee ice cream. 

What to Expect: Nicaraguan flavours, ingredients & recipes.

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Chef Halawa

Chef Ahmed Halawa, a dedicated curator of authentic Levantine culinary experiences, crafts private dining supper club events, including pop-ups and personalised catering. His culinary passion is firmly grounded in the essence of Levantine gastronomy, which is why he’s able to merge an array of flavours to enhance each dish.  

What to Expect: Levantine cuisine, including the iconic Arabic dessert, Knafeh Nabelsiyeh.

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Named after the Mayan word for ‘Sun’ and phonetically similar to ‘keen’, this supper club led by chef Jon Colin is a 12-seat gastronomic journey that pays tribute to his Mexican heritage and culinary experiences. After years spent working in renowned culinary destinations around the and in kitchens such as Zuma and LPM, Jon primarily uses Japanese and French techniques to create Mexican dishes compelte with locally-sourced and seasonally available ingredients. 

What to Expect: A Mexican-inspired seasonal menu with a modern twist, complete with striking views of the Burj Khalifa.

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Haya’s Kitchen

Chef Haya Bishouty describes her supper club as a ‘sufra’, an Arabic word to mean a table for the serving of food and says the communal food-sharing is a tribute to the way she grew up eating at her grandmother’s dining tables. Through her menus, Haya takes her guests on a journey around Palestine, sharing tales of the food, land and rich cultural traditions. 

What To Expect: Authentic Palestinian dishes & storytelling.

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Eye Heart Rabbit

Created by chef Jesse Blake in 2021, Eye Heart Rabbit started life in the small suburbs of Western Australia as a wandering pop-up with a Middle Eastern appearance. The name is an ode to his wife, who was battling cancer at the time. Today, it offers a multi-course sharing menu of modern plates with a subtle Levant and Middle Eastern accents.

What To Expect: A night of Middle Eastern food with a twist, communal candle lit tables, Habibi funk and soul music, in a vibrant plant-filled villa in Satwa.

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The Fat Lamb

Founded by chef Elias Kandalaft, The Fat Lamb is a testament to culinary innovation. As the sister venue to Pinch Gourmet, this supper club revels in the art of decadent cooking. Chef Elias’ approach is all about blending traditional and avant-garde flavours – so it’s definitely going to be an experimental night. 

What To Expect: A focus on smoking, braising & live BBQ.

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Khalid Eats

Dubbed ‘Come with me to Falasteen’, chef Khalid describes his supper club as an immersive dining experience where diners are teleported to a soulful dinner under the olive tree at Mishkah, a unique retail and culinary destination featuring an olive oil station, olives, herbs and spices, a brew bar and fine teas, and a creative space.

What To Expect: Palestinian food, explained & revisited, to suit the Dubai palette.

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Founded in September 2022, ōdē by chef Judy Karkour is all about ingredient-fuelled meals. Highlighting the myriad ways a single ingredient can be used, an ōdē meal is intrinsically linked to the chef’s inherent background in art and serves as her homage to the cultural melting pot that is Dubai. The ethos of ōdē is to support and buy local wherever possible, making true attempts to be as minimal waste as possible. 

What To Expect: A curated four-course dining experience with seasonal and fresh ingredients.

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