SL ME Directory: The Best Brows In Dubai
SL ME Directory: The Best Brows In Dubai

SL ME Directory: The Best Brows In Dubai

Whether you're seeking a polished arch, a natural feathered look, or a bold statement brow like @alanouudtu, there are numerous reputable places in Dubai that specialise in eyebrow treatments. With so many choices available, finding the ideal spot for your brow makeover can be a challenge. Here’s a list of the ten best places for eyebrow treatments in Dubai that cater to every brow requirement…

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Browns & Co.

Offering an array of eyebrow treatments, this salon is the place to go for everything from microblading to tinting, laminating to much more. The experts at Browns & Co. pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your eyebrows frame your face in exactly the right way.



A stylish salon dedicated to the art of eyebrow shaping, microblading, microshading, henna, HD brows and lamination, the team at Brau are well-versed in the latest brow trends. Visit them for a full brow transformation.


Brow Studio Dubai

At Brow Studio Dubai, precision is paramount. Whether you want perfectly arched brows or just a neat and clean look, their professionals promise to leave you with brows that suit and flatter your face. The studio also offers a range of personalised treatments such as brow sculpting and lamination, as well as the classics like threading and waxing.



Browz is the ultimate destination for brows that enhance your natural beauty. With a variety of treatments on offer, including HD Brows, ombre brows, nanoblading and even tattoo removal, its skilled technicians will help you achieve brows that are best suited to your face shape and complexion.


Sisters Beauty Lounge

With locations dotted around Dubai, Sisters Beauty Lounge offers a holistic approach to eyebrow grooming. From shaping to nourishing, their services encompass the entire brow care spectrum. Book in for a complete brow rejuvenation that will leave you feeling totally pampered.


Ellyssar Beauty Salon

Ellyssar Beauty Salon’s eyebrow treatments focus on enhancing your unique features, ensuring your brows frame your face in the most flattering way. With an array of treatments to choose from, including lamination and powder brows, its technicians can advise you on the best procedure for your personal needs. 

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Brows by Patsy

Brows by Patsy is a end-to-end experience. Offering personalised consultations and treatments tailored to your preferences, its teams focus on the techniques that will give you the most natural looking results – thickening them or augmenting them to look fuller and to conceal any scarring.


Elata Beauty Salon

Elata Beauty Salon takes brow grooming to the next level. Its skilled technicians use innovative techniques to create brows that are not just shaped and groomed to perfection but elevated to a higher standard with various tinting techniques and specialised products. 


Brow & Beauty Dubai

From brow lifts to powder brows and nanoblading, Brow & Beauty Dubai has every brow service covered. From threading to semi-permanent make-up, this is a great one to have on speed dial if you want to keep your brows neat and natural looking.

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Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar Lounge

Benefit Cosmetics has several Brow Bar Lounges dotted around Dubai where it combines expert techniques with a playful atmosphere. Offering a variety of brow services, including its signature brow mapping, tinting, tweezing and shaping, you'll leave with brows that are flawless every time. 


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